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How to Improve HCAHPS Scores with Effective Communication

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Ideas for Improving HCAHPS Scores:

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Healthcare workers don’t typically sit in front of a computer all day, reading emails or browsing the intranet, so communications channels need to adapt. SnapComms’ internal communications software includes:

Interactive Screensaver Messaging

SnapComms’ interactive screensaver messaging tool allows healthcare communicators to publish visual communications to workstations as well as large screens or monitors in communal areas such as cafeterias, break rooms, locker rooms, or conference facilities.



Screensaver Messaging Series Example

Desktop Wallpaper Messaging

SnapComms’ desktop wallpaper messaging tool allows administrators to publish messages to computer wallpaper backgrounds:



Location Based Targeting


In addition to user-based targeting, SnapComms’ messaging channels support machine-based targeting as an option. This is particularly relevant within hospitals and large campus environments where workers tend to log into computers using generic usernames and passwords. It allows administrators to target messages to specific computers or locations: For example, in a designated quiet areas.

Pop-Up Quizzes and Surveys


The best insights often come from the frontline so ask doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers for their ideas and suggestions to improve patient care (and HCAHPS scores). The SnapComms pop-up survey and quiz tools allow administrators to deliver questionnaires directly onto the workstations of healthcare workers. Recurrence options based on participation help ensure that healthcare workers participate and share their thoughts, perspectives, and ideas.



For example:

What are things that cause irritants to patients?

How we can improve patient safety?

How might we improve patient satisfaction? What are your ideas?


SnapComms screensaver messages can also be used to encourage and promote survey feedback channels:



Encourage Healthcare Workers to Share Stories

Healthcare workers and other medical staff typically have a strong connection to purpose. They prefer their livelihood be aligned with personal mission, vision, and values. Therefore, sharing stories of commitment and patient impact can have a positive impression on worker engagement across the organization.




How the SnapComms channels can assist:

Create a screensaver series called “All in a Day’s Work” to encourage people to share positive stories and inspire both staff and patients.

Provide opportunities for healthcare workers to submit their stories to newsletters


SnapComms’ internal newsletter tool is an innovative electronic magazine that allows healthcare workers to upload and share their own stories and images quickly and easily. Employees are notified of the completed magazine by a scrolling ticker on their workstation, a desktop alert, or by clicking an appropriate screensaver image. There’s no need for email whatsoever!

Sharing positive healthcare stories can impact employee engagement and in turn improve HCAHPS scores.


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