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The SnapComms solution provides a range of messaging channels which deliver targeted information directly onto the screens of users’ computers with a easy deployable client side application. The server side of the solution can be hosted by SnapComms or locally

SnapComms Technical Overview:
Find out more about deployments, server infrastructure, system requirements and functionality and the behavior of the SnapComms channels

Data Sheet A - Locally Hosted Solution - Overview & System Requirements:
Systems Requirements for a locally hosted solution. The Locally Hosted Solution allows an installation of the Snap Server software to be run in-house. The SnapComms Server application runs on Windows Server, .NET Framework, Internet Information Services (IIS) and SQL Server.

Data Sheet B - SnapComms Windows Client Deployment Overview:
Find out more about SnapComms Client deployment, Active Directory Integration and Network Connectivity Requirements for SnapComms Hosted or Locally Hosted solutions.

Data Sheet C - Thin Client Implementation:
SnapComms Client is compatible with Thin Client environments including Windows Terminal Services and Citrix.

Data Sheet D - Active Directory Synchronization:
Synchronization with Active Directory

Data Sheet E - Assessment & Implementation of the SnapComms Hosted Solution:
(SnapComms Hosted Solution) Typical Project Plan: Assessment and Implementation

Data Sheet F - Assessment & Implementation of a Locally Hosted Solution:
(Locally Hosted Solution) Typical Project Plan: Assessment and Implementation

Data Sheet G - Security Overview - SnapComms Hosted Solution:
Security Overview

Data Sheet H - Template Guideline:
Template graphics guidelines

Data Sheet I - Best Practice Recommendations:
Implementation tips

Data Sheet J - Application Components & Architecture:
Overview of the various components of the software and how they relate to each other.

Data Sheet K - Disaster Recovery Considerations & Recommendation:
This document provides a quick overview of the various concepts and components of data protection for information systems, provides an introduction to the various backup options available for SQL Server based environments and gives specific recommendations for High Availability Redundant Solutions as recommended for use with the SnapComms solution.


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