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How To: Success Reports

Being able to quickly access success reports once you’ve published a message has just got a whole lot easier with our exciting new reporting displays. Success reports are available in SnapComms version 16.9 and higher.

Now, as soon as you log into your SnapComms Content Manager, you’ll see a high level dashboard which shows how well your internal communication messages have performed.

Whilst this information has always been available, it’s now far more accessible (simply click on the green ‘Reports’ icon associated with each message).

By combining key statistics into these at-a-glance reports, you’ll quickly discover what content gets high engagement, and what content might require further tweaking. This insight will help you to fine-tune your internal communication programs even more.

You’ll also be able to provide accurate, up-to-date data, useful for quantifying the impact your internal communications programs are having.

Compare differences within targeted groups, analyse response rates and click throughs across alternative messaging styles, and show evidence of behavioral change through tracking surveys and quizzes.  All this and more within the new SnapComms Success Reports.


Insights in-an-instant




The three graphs show (a) the number of employees targeted; (b) the number of those reached i.e. message downloaded and available for viewing); and (c) the number of those who have successfully engaged with your message.

The default view shows consolidated success statistics for published content, for all time. This can easily be changed to a specific iteration of the message in the ‘version’ field, as well as filtered by date range.  Another useful feature is if you’ve recently published a staff survey, and response has been low, you simply use the ‘Publish again’ button to send the survey again to those yet to respond.


Different assets = different success criteria 

Note that the success criteria differs according to asset type. For example, alerts and tickers, ‘success’ means the message has been shown on the employee’s screen. For response-based tools such as surveys, quizzes, RSVPs and registration alerts, success means a response has been received from the employee. And for screensavers and wallpapers, success means the asset has been downloaded by the employee.

There’s more information on success criteria and how to build the reports you need here.

Meanwhile, check out our page about measuring internal communications effectiveness here. As always, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for help.


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