Ethics and Compliance Experts Talk Priorities, Challenges and Tactics

Posted 21 October, 2017 in Compliance & Ethics

Branching out beyond email and ensuring information is easily accessible were quoted as some of the key priorities for many professionals who gathered at SCCE’s annual Compliance and Ethics Institute conference in Las Vegas, 15th – 18th October 2017.


The SnapComms team met with many delegates who talked about their challenges, goals, and personal experiences of communicating ethics and compliance-related information within their organization. Watch this short video compilation here.



Increasing employee awareness continues to be an issue.

“Email has its disadvantages. People don’t see them, or know how to prioritize them,” said one spokesperson.

The decline in email effectiveness has led to a renewed resolve to find better ways to communicate. Many delegates talked of broadening their approach to comms, to incorporate video, digital signage, internal tweeting, SMS, Intranet and more. Even virtual reality is being experimented within the coming year, said one spokesperson.

Another highlighted the importance of intermingling communication tactics: “Some employees respond best to facts and data; some respond to diagrams; others to humor. You’ve got to do a mix. And not burn people [with too much information]. We keep it short with five-minute refresher [videos].”

One of the biggest hindrances for this organizational function is lack of budget, ergo lack of resource. “There’s still a mentality of ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’,” said one representative.

Philip Nunn, General Manager of SnapComms, commented: “Nearly everyone we met were frustrated by the lack of internal resource allocated to their function. Organizations have good intentions to develop their ethics and compliance strategy, but for many, the funding’s not there yet to support new initiatives.

“Another take-out was the importance of creativity when communicating to employees. It seems that creativity in both content and the channels used to get attention can make a big difference in message cut-through,” adds Nunn.

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