Engage Employees with these Fun Holiday Ideas

Posted 15 December, 2016 in

December is the ideal time to boost morale and improve employee engagement. 

Everyone is getting into the Holiday spirit, preparing for celebrations and the end-of-year wrap up.

If you're looking for ways to engage staff and bring some festive fun into the office, read on.

These ideas are perfect ice-breakers that even the ubiquitous Office Grinch won’t resist. What’s more, they’re simple to set up and cost virtually nothing.


holly and snowflake


1. Music for setting the right mood

Whether you're planning a Christmas party or just want to get staff in the Holiday mood, the quickest way to do that is to start with Christmas music. This immediately sets a festive tone in the office.


2. Christmas Movie Quiz

Everyone loves movies. Everyone loves quizzes. So you won’t go wrong with a Christmas-themed movie quiz!

Get your staff involved by choosing wide-ranging questions to cater for all ages.

‘Which city did Miracle on 34th Street take place’? Or, ‘Who plays the lead character in ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’?' are just for starters.

See more ideas for Christmas movie questions here.

3. Secret Santa – with a twist

Exchanging gifts Secret Santa-style is always a joy in the office.

But why not add a twist this year?

Read out this fun poem and ask participants to follow instructions. For example, every time the word ‘RIGHT’ is said, everybody passes his/her gift to the right. Every time the word ‘LEFT’ is said, everybody passes his/her gift to the ‘LEFT’. And so on.

The gift each person is holding when the poem ends is the gift they get to keep.


4. Dress up Santa

This is a comical game where teams race against the clock to dress up as Santa.

You’ll need at least two sets of Santa Claus outfits, including suit, beard, hat, boots and sack plus a stash of small cardboard boxes (pretend presents) and wrapping paper.

Divide staff into equal-sized teams. Each team member takes it in turn to put on the Santa outfit. Once they are dressed up, they must quickly wrap a present before taking off the Santa outfit and passing onto their next team member to do the same.

The first team to complete the tasks is the winner.


5. Recognize A Bright Star

Recognizing high performing staff is a good idea at any time of year, but at this time of year, you can add festive flair.

Ask staff and/or senior management to nominate employees who have gone the extra mile during the past 12 months (if you run an ‘employee of the month’ program, you’ve already got the names.)

Start a daily ‘Countdown to Christmas’, whereby every day, a short description and photo of these individuals are circulated to the whole company. This includes a short cover note from the CEO explaining why they’ve made a difference. This is great for engagement for all staff to see the appreciation of hard workers.

This idea can really hum if you use a mix of high-impact messaging tools – think desktop newsfeeds, alerts and screen savers – rather than a standard email.

On the final day (or at the Christmas party), all 12 star performers are publicly thanked and given a Christmas hamper.

In summary, any or all of these games will ensure your staff party will be a Christmas Cracker of an event! And remember to have fun yourself.

Enjoy the season, Happy Holidays from the SnapComms Team.