How to add some Oscars’ sparkle to your internal communications

Posted 26 February, 2016 in Internal Communications

The Oscars.

That one magical night of the year where the film industry captures the attention of the whole world.


But what can you, an internal communications specialist, take from this extravaganza? What lessons are there from the world’s biggest show that will help your audience to tune in and be utterly captivated by your message? I’ve got three suggestions:


1. The power of a great story

The Oscars are a celebration of all that is great about master storytelling. Stories which capture our hearts and minds, make us laugh out loud, jump out of our skin, or shake with fear. 

OK, so it may be a bit of stretch to expect your internal communications to trigger feelings to these extremes, but finding that all-important emotional connection with your audience is what make messages stick.

Take the important topic of compliance. Instead of delivering a ‘death-by-powerpoint’ presentation about the do’s and don’ts of policies and standards, inject reality into your messages. For example, create a realistic scenario whereby employees get to imagine themselves faced with a specific dilemma. Build a plot, create characters, set the scene, and let the story unfold.

Specific situations, problems or role-plays that help bring your message to life makes it easier for your audience to visualize, understand and memorize.


2. Right time, right place, right message 

There’s a reason why brands part with $2 million each time their 30” ad pops up during the Oscars. Second only to the Super Bowl for being the most expensive airtime to buy, these highly sought after advertising spots deliver results: research shows that 31% of the 43 million academy awards’ viewers said they were more likely to buy a brand after seeing its ad during this time.

Why not use this formula of right time, right place, right message to get your message in front of your ‘customers’? Many organizations are switching to new comms tools which give them this type of control over who, what, why and when their messages are seen.

Imagine the cut through a desktop alert or clickable scrolling news feeds have, compared with a standard email which may take hours or days to be read (and even then, staff may miss it)?

These new tools can be set to broadcast at a specific time, segmented by audience type, and recur until specific action has been taken. Click through and open rates can be monitored and reported on – a modern advertisers’ dream!

3. Visual extravaganza

There’s no doubt the Oscars’ ceremony is a feast for the eyes. Glitz, glamour and beautiful people make the event a visual gala that’s irresistible.

The same can be said for communications: content with visual appeal beats plain text every time.

Think how you can ‘dress up’ your message: use of attractive images, flash animation, video and colourful graphics delivered via corporate screensavers can be a powerful tool for message relay. Great for use in open plan offices as well as individual desktops, screensavers are essentially digital billboards.

Their non-intrusive but ‘always-there-in-the-background’ nature are perfect for non-disruptive but essential comms. Multiple messages can be targeted, scheduled and rotated as required.

So with the awards season in full swing, why not apply some red carpet thinking to your internal comms, and make sure your campaign delivers a winning performance!



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Sarah Perry

Sarah Perry

Determined to help organizations improve cut through for employee communications, Sarah co-founded SnapComms in 2007. Within three years, SnapComms grew from zero to hero in the competitive sector of employee communication software, where it is now a global market leader.