How to regain control of IC when panic sets in

Posted 05 August, 2016 in Internal Communications

When organizations are facing a period of uncertainty, and the world feels a little bit crazy, the culture and atmosphere at work can alter quickly.   

A rogue post on your company’s intranet or collaboration site can spark rumors that easily spiral out of control, diverting employees’ time with unnecessary streams of irrelevant, or inaccurate content.  

Productivity takes a dive. Uncertain times calls for communication teams to be on the front foot. It’s time for top down, employer-to-employee messaging. 

Part of the communication challenge will be how to cut through the noise. Information overload is already a major issue, and emails are often overlooked. Push messaging – such as a desktop alert displayed on screen – is a powerful communication tool designed so that important messages get seen. Its short, snappy format breaks through the deluge of data endured by employees to grab their attention. 




Alerts bypass email completely by interrupting and presenting critical messages direct to the employee’s desktop or mobile device. The content, time and frequency can be adjusted to suit requirements (and local timezones), and hyperlinks to additional reading can be included.

Similarly, a scrolling ticker bar is another effective channel for reaching employees fast. After all, staff deserve to hear company news first hand, and not through a third party (which often happens if a message is trickled out via email). Headlines and links to other content, as well as latest updates, scroll subtly across a screen, enabling employees to consume information without exiting applications.

Complementary to these tools are screensavers – perfect for reinforcing key themes. These passive but visual communications formats contrast sharply with the disruptive nature of alerts. Similarly, digital wallpaper that is broadcast throughout an organization’s screens present a visual way to illustrate the journey the organization is on. Designed well, they can inspire the employee and help their transition to a more positive phase of the change cycle. 

These channels combined and delivered as part of an ongoing internal campaign – along with short quizzes and surveys which can measure engagement – provide a 360 solution for internal communications during uncertain times. 

These are available individually or as part of a campaign toolkit, and can be up and running on your network within 24 hours. 

To summarize, nobody ever really knows how long an era of uncertainty will last, and what the eventual fall out will be, if any. 

But we do know that strong leadership combined with effective communications sets a reassuring path for employees to follow.


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