Never Make Another Internal Communication Blunder

Posted 11 April, 2017 in Internal Communications

We’ve all been there.

That is, send out a company-wide message, only to discover moments later that there’s a glaring error.

Before long, your inbox is flooded with emails from those keen to point out your apparently oh-so-obvious mistake.

Worse still, you then have to follow-up, with that ‘message-of-shame’ apologizing for your error.


At SnapComms, we’re always on the lookout for ways to make things easier for Internal Communicators. So we’ve produced a handy checklist to refer to every time you send out an employee communication. 

It lists everything from testing how your message appears across various devices, to ensuring hyperlinks and personalization tokens work correctly.

Simply download our “Checklist for Blunder-Free Communications and follow the 30 steps listed to make sure your comms are always in ship-shape form.




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Susan Bowden

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Susan Bowden is Marketing Manager at SnapComms, a world-leading provider of digital internal communication tools.