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Posted 30 March, 2016 in Internal Communications


Are you worried that critical messages are not getting through to staff?

Do you feel that no matter how many times you resend an important email, you’re still not getting heard, or the results you need?

First of all, it’s not your fault. The roar of information streaming at all of us in 2016 is deafening. It’s impossible to absorb every piece of content that demands attention, comprehension and action.

It’s the biggest challenge facing internal communicators today. And even more so now with increasing pressure to get staff up to speed on serious areas such as compliance, cyber-security training, and health and safety.  

The epidemic of email overload has led to an extreme makeover of internal communications. It’s goodbye to text-heavy, formal, impersonal content. And hello to confident, eye-catching and creative comms.

Download our free white paper “The Definitive Guide: Reduce Email Overload” and find out how more and more organizations are now bypassing email. There’s an example email charter to introduce to your workplace, plus ideas on trending technologies that knock the socks off the tired-and-ineffective email.






The Cost of Ineffective Internal Communication - An infographic by the team at SnapComms

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