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How to Minimize the Fallout from IT Outages

Posted 13 April, 2018 in IT & Information Security

We’ve all experienced the frustration of the internet dropping out just when you need it most. Or an internal CMS crashing, causing you to lose unsaved work.

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How to Avoid an I.T. Help Desk Meltdown

Posted 02 November, 2017

The risk of an unexpected IT event is always present. A network outage, cyber-attack or unscheduled downtime can strike at any time, to any size organization.

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Petya - Can Security Attacks Be Prevented?

Posted 29 June, 2017

Once again, another malignant ransomware attack has hit the headlines, paralyzing infrastructure and organizations around the world.

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Information Security Awareness Tips

Posted 01 June, 2017

Ideas for communicating InfoSec topics to staff (+ FREE Screensaver designs)


An unintentional click here. An innocent download there.


Suddenly your entire network is crippled by a ransomware attack.


But did you know, 95 per cent of cyber security incidents are attributed to human error (according to IBM research)?


Logically, if staff were better trained on what to look out for, you could significantly reduce the risk of being hacked. 


With that in mind, we recently reached out to the SnapComms customer community asking them to share their learnings and tips for educating staff on this critical topic.

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9 scary but true corporate security facts [infographic]

Posted 08 April, 2016
Corporate security facts from 2015 that will scare you into re-thinking your corporate security strategy.
The most common password from 2015, percentage of inbound email spam, percentage increase of credit card data breaches in the last 5 years and more crazy facts. 

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Easy ways to promote a security culture in your organization

Posted 06 April, 2016

Despite my purposefully attention-grabbing headline, the truth is that in today’s environment of information overload, there’s no real easy way to promote a security-conscious culture in the workplace.  

What I am seeing though is many organizations sidestepping this problem by reinventing their internal communications approach.

‘Out’ are formal, one-way, heavy text-based communications. ‘In’ are interactive, visual, multi-media formats delivered via unmissable formats that demand attention.

So if you’re tasked with communicating cybercrime prevention, follow these three easy(ish) steps to engage with staff and get your information security culture humming.

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