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Posted 07 December, 2016 in Compliance, Ethics

SCCE-article-ethics-Sarah-Perry.jpgSnapComms' CEO Sarah Perry shares her insights into ethical behavior in the workplace and how to overcome challenges relating to ethics in organizations. She also reveals her top 5 tips on fostering ethical wisdom in the workplace.


Covered in the article:

  • How to encourage employee intergrity in the workplace
  • How to be prepared for ethical challenges in the workplace
  • Communicating  your standards and practices to employees
  • The difference between communicating to Millennials versus Baby Boomers.



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Article originally published in SCCE's Compliance and Ethical Professional Magazine December 2016.

Compliance, Ethics

Sarah Perry

Sarah Perry

Determined to help organizations improve cut through for employee communications, Sarah co-founded SnapComms in 2007. Within three years, SnapComms grew from zero to hero in the competitive sector of employee communication software, where it is now a global market leader.