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Ensyst is an award-winning IT service provider delivering IT and cloud services throughout Australia. Their large technical services team assist customers in deploying and managing a range of IT applications and systems.

It’s a busy environment, constantly attending to support requests from customers. Any delays in service provision can have a very real impact on customers’ ability to conduct their business. In times like this, both customer expectations and employee stress levels can be high.

Service Operations Manager, Fred Celik, oversees the team of 100 technical specialists. He’s responsible for managing workflows, ensuring staff have access to all the information they need, and delivering the successful resolution of all support requests.

Key Challenges

The Ensyst support team were advised as new customer requests were submitted, such that investigation and response could be prioritized. Previously this had only been done via email. However, this introduced a number of complications.

Due to the sheer volume of emails received, staff lacked clear oversight of their workload, important messages were easy to miss, and unnecessary time was spent slogging through emails to find required information. Because emails could sit unattended for hours, there was also the potential for customer support to be negatively impacted.

Fred knew that a more appropriate communication tool was necessary to alleviate these issues and allow his team to best support their customers.


Ensyst needed a communication channel which delivered messages quickly and in real-time. It had to convey information fast for time-pressed technical support staff.

Fred elected to introduce desktop tickers. These function similarly to newsfeeds, where text scrolls across the bottom of staff members’ computer screens.

Tickers are designed for fast delivery and high visibility, without the intrusion which can sometimes distract staff already engaged on a task. Messages can include hyperlinks to direct staff elsewhere online for more detail.

For Ensyst, it also helped technical support staff manage their mailboxes through reducing the volume of emails sent.


The tickers were employed differently for priority, developmental and culture-building messages. Notifications relating to customer requests were categorized prominently as P1 or P2, such that technical support staff immediately knew the priority for them to attend to.

Staff knowledge development was fostered through ticker messages updating staff on latest industry trends and best practice through a special RSS feed.

In addition, team culture was supported through messaging around key milestones and any social news, such as achievements or birthdays.


Through introducing SnapComms, Ensyst has already seen a tangible improvement in their internal communications. Using tickers instead of emails has resulted in 2000 fewer emails sent over their network.

This has meant faster times to address customer issues and improved internal workflows – as well as even more satisfied customers!

Fred has been pleased with the performance of the tickers. “Before SnapComms it felt like we were constantly bogged down in emails, and the work day was spent managing the inbox. Now we have more time to assist customers and better manage workloads.”

Using tickers instead of emails has resulted in 2000 fewer emails sent over the network.

Fred Celik Service Operations Manager, Ensyst

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