Internal Communication in Healthcare 

Hospital Case Study

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A large healthcare provider uses SnapComms to communicate important announcements to their dispersed workforce across many locations with healthcare centers across America.


Customer Profile

A healthcare organization with a diverse workforce that includes over 10,000 nurses, administrators and doctors working in hospitals, medical centers and other facilities across the U.S.A. 


Internal Communications Objectives


The healthcare company wanted to improve targeting and visibility of important messages going to their diverse workforce. It had always been a struggle for them as they have employees at hospitals, medical centers and other facilties that need to see important messages. 

They also wanted to get increased visibility of when staff members had seen and read the internal communications sent out.


“The SnapComms solution will allow Baystate Health to display important corporate announcements, updates and

other news directly on staff’s computer desktops regardless of their physical location,” explains Helpdesk Manager.


“We wanted to see increased visibility of effective messaging for all employees, to ensure cut through for urgent messages,

and to be better able to target messages to specific groups based upon business needs.”


SnapComms internal communications tools used:

• Interactive Screensaver Messages for employee communications which are strategically and operationally important but not necessarily seen as urgent by employees. These are the types of employee communications that often become buried in other internal communications channels such as email and intranet. Interactive Screensaver Messaging increases the visibility and appeal these types of internal communications and individual messages can be targeted to specific employee groups

Pop-up Desktop Alerts to ensure that urgent and important internal communications reach employees fast. Message targeting, recurrence and reporting features will ensure that all such messages achieve fast, effective cut-through. Delivery reporting will allow Baystate to measure and monitor message delivery and readership on a minute by minute basis.

Scrolling Desktop News Feeds to deliver relevant news and information updates as scrolling newsfeeds on the computer screens of staff. Targeting options help ensure that employees only receive the information they need.




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