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Bank Case Study

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Customer Profile

This customer is a financial services giant. Their foreign exchange division, employs 1,500 people. They had been searching for an employee communication channel for internal communications in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment that was instant and could incorporate graphical content. In early 2012 they introduced the SnapComms communications software in their financial services division in London.


SnapComms internal communications tools used:

The communications team are using Interactive Screensaver Messages, Pop-up Desktop Alerts and Scrolling Desktop News Feeds and these now occupy a very important niche and are extremely effective as a “push” tool in cascading information through the organization. They have already proved themselves in the way they have engaged staff to respond to simple calls to action and confirm that the SnapComms software

“allows us to get a message out very easily.”


The company has used the SnapComms software to execute a wide range of communications across many different projects and he has worked hard on developing graphics that grab the attention of his colleagues.



The results

Many of the company’s employees are currency traders, seated in rows. The internal communications manager loves the visual impact of seeing the messages he and his team have created pop up across a line of desktops simultaneously.

In order to build interest in events or activities, he has used the countdown functionality within the corporate screensaver tool to create easy-to-implement internal teaser campaigns.

They have also used humor to make the content of messages appealing and enjoyable.

Employees at all levels of the organization have appreciated this and the communications manager reports that he often hears comments like, “Wow that’s clever!” With the SnapComms messages being distinctive compared to the usual employee communication channels, he says that,

“people really like it as no-one else does it.”


The internal communications manager has even commissioned the design of a cartoon character to keep sales staff amused and engaged with a campaign to encourage customers to vote for the company in an industry award.

They have noticed that the SnapComms employee communications channels are much more flexible than he had imagined when he first considered implementing the software. He also confirms that,

“it allows us to get a message out very easily.”


The financial services giant is keen to extend it more widely, they are mindful that this needs to align with the objectives of a project or campaign and not be over-used. The internal comms manager doesn’t view the SnapComms tools as a replacement for email and he prefers to use them sparingly to convey important information rather than “adding to the noise”. The team’s other internal channels include intranet, instant messaging and print media. For them, the value of the SnapComms software has been in its instant impact and the ability to communicate with defined groups of people separately.

“It’s a very good tool. For me it’s a complete no-brainer.”



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