Internal Communications in a call center - BNP Paribas Case Study (Formerly Laser UK) 


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Customer Profile

BNP Paribas (formerly LaSer UK) is a leading provider of innovative credit and customer programs, operating credit facilities for nationally recognized UK business partners in the retail, leisure and affinity markets. 

Internal Communications Situation

BNP Paribas has a high percentage of call center staff who operate without email. Alternatives to email needed to be found to communicate effectively with call center staff. 

Call Center Communications Channels:


Screensaver Messages

Pop up Staff Surveys

Desktop News Feeds

Desktop Alert Messages



• Message targeting

• Message recurrence

• Easy to use templates

• Message click-through

• Content scheduling

• Content expiry

LaSer UK’s Internal Communications Objectives:


“The SnapComms call center communications channels helps us ensure cut through for important messages,

as well as provide compelling ways to communicate other types of information.”

- Julia Hope, BNP Paribas Communications Manager 


Alternatives to email for call center staff. A significant percentage of BNP Paribas’ staff are based in call centers and do not have access to email. Prior to the use of the SnapComms communications channels, internal communications consisted of supervisors dropping photocopied information onto employee’s desks and using team meetings for information updates. Internal communications were paper based, time consuming and resource heavy. Effective alternatives to email and paper based internal communications were required.

Fast message cut through for urgent messages. There were no effective and fast call center communications channels for urgent messages such as system outage notifications, business announcements and fraud alerts.

Communications channels to raise awareness without interruption. BNP Paribas were looking for channels to communicate less urgent messages to call center staff in ways that didn’t interrupt them whilst they were on calls.

Targeted internal communications. BNP Paribas UK employ a range of staff types in different locations (Belfast, Solihull and remote workers). It was important to be able to target internal communications to particular staff groupings.

Increased leadership communications. The internal communications team wanted to find new and effective channels for leadership communication.

Increased employee feedback channels. Other than a 2 year staff survey and a paper based feedback scheme BNP Paribas had limited channels for employee feedback. BNP Paribas wanted to implement a staff feedback system that provided quick snap shots of the business and gave employees the means to provide more regular feedback.

The SnapComms call center communications system has allowed BNP Paribas to meet its internal communications objectives using alternatives to email such as; desktop alert messages, scrolling desktop newsfeeds, interactive screensaver messages and pop-up staff surveys. Messages can be easily targeted to specified groups of staff which allow the BNP Paribas team to customize messages to suit different types of staff in any location.



“We can now ensure that important information is communicated to every employee and we can easily measure information cut through”

- Julia Hope, BNP Paribas Communications Manager


 call center internal communications example

 Screensaver messages for call center communication


Building Engagement with Effective Call Center Communication

As well as increasing the available feedback channels for employees and ensuring that employees are informed and up-to-date with the latest information, BNP Paribas has run a number of compelling campaigns supported by the SnapComms communications channels to build employee engagement in Call Centers.

Examples include:


Fitness Focus Week featuring:

• Teasers on screensavers

• Fitness tip of the day delivered as a scrolling news feed on employee’s computers,

• Desktop alert and screensaver reminders about fitness events and offers such as; free personal training sessions, weight loss club, Wii Olympics, free fruit, relax and pamper sessions, Hoola competitions and Body Shop consultations.



Other examples of campaigns to increase engagement in LaSer UK’s call centers include:

• Rewards and recognition – teasers, nominations and winners via screensavers and desktop messages

• Friends and family offers promoted via desktop alert messages

• Christmas party promotion via screensaver messages and desktop alerts

• Quiz nights, Easter and Halloween competitions promoted via screensavers and desktop messages

• Engagement survey via the pop up staff survey tool

• Remembrance day – 2 minutes silence reminders via desktop alert messages • Charity collections “ Which charity should LaSer UK support?” voting via the staff survey tool


“The SnapComms Call Center Communications Channels have helped us improve staff engagement levels”

- Alison Rooney, BNP Paribas Internal Communications Coordinator


Interactive Screensaver Messages

BNP Paribas is able to use screensaver messages to raise employee awareness of important initiatives and campaigns in a way that is not intrusive but is noticed when staff are in ‘downtime’. Screensaver messaging examples include:

• Promoting organizational values

• Delivering reminders, e.g. wash hands to avoid spreading Swine flu

• Promoting campaigns and events, e.g. Fitness Focus and National Customer Service Week



internal communications in call center screensaver  

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Pop Up Staff Survey Tool

The Staff Survey tool provides the means for BNP Paribas to measure employee engagement, gather quick snap shots of specific areas of the business and to gather more regular feedback from staff.

BNP Paribas has been able to involve employees by asking for their views and preferences across a range of business areas and the effectiveness of internal events can be measured via staff feedback.

BNP Paribas has also been able to implement a ‘Straight to the Top’ initiative allowing staff to provide ideas and suggestions to the CEO. The CEO’s responses are then subsequently delivered directly to employee’s computer screens.



call center internal survey

Staff feedback scheme via the Staff Survey too

Desktop Alert Messages
The Desktop Alert tool allows urgent messages to be pushed to targeted call center staff.
Customizable recurrence options allow staff to defer reading messages a specified number
of times (or to allow it to fade away and reappear later) if they are on a call.

Desktop alert examples for call center communications include:

• Important information updates
• Process changes
• System outage and update notifications
• Change communications
• Financial results and business performance updates
• Compliance communications (e.g. policy communication)
• Emergency communications


internal survey call center

“Vote for your favorite charity” via the Staff Survey tool

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The SnapComms call center communications channels have provided BNP Paribas with an effective alternative to email for call center employees.
Message recurrence options ensure that messages are eventually read if employees are busy and the SnapComms call center communications system provides full reporting of message cut through.

Internal communications can be targeted to specific groups of staff depending on their needs and delegated administration authorities allow multiple administrators from different parts of the business to deliver communications to call center staff which helps to remove bottle necks from the internal communications process.
Supervisors have been freed up from providing basic information updates to their teams and can now focus their time on their core responsibilities as well as providing deeper context for their teams around key internal communications.


“Information Cascade has improved dramatically since we have implemented the SnapComms call center communication system;

we are now communicating in an engaging, interactive and effective way”.

- Alison Rooney, BNP Paribas Internal Communications Coordinator


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