Organization: JUCY Group

Industry: Tourism services including RV and campervan hire

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

SnapComms Tools Used: Alertstickersscreensavers

Number of staff: 350 (based across North America, Australia, New Zealand and UK)


  • To support the growth of a distinctive, globally-recognized brand

  • To improve levels of employee engagement

  • To overcome communication challenges arising from multiple locations


The JUCY brand is unmissable - so are their internal communications

Internal communications are critical to JUCY to reinforce the branding they have worked so hard to develop.

JUCY needed to communicate essential product updates, staff events, sales promotions and general HR messages to staff. The challenge was how to embed their highly distinctive brand across hundreds of outlets and staff in North America, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Not only was consistency of branding hugely important, but reinforcing its unique brand identity and ethos even more so.

Watch the video to see how JUCY’s alerts, tickers, pop-ups and screensavers were truly brought to life through vibrant animation and attention-grabbing style, all imbued with JUCY’s unique sense of humor and fun.

"SnapComms, or as we call it ‘JUCY Comms’ (because it pretty much looks like we own the tool – it’s that customised) has been ideal for getting the message to the right crew at the right time – from whether it’s letting them know the bar is open, to the much more important Kaikoura earthquake updates. The RSVP tool is a breeze to use for events, and it even tracks the vegans – we love diversity here!

The support we have received from the wonderful team at Snapcomms Headquarters in Auckland has been outstanding. They are very responsive, and fantastically creative. The template team literally made “dreams come true” with our customised alerts and message history. Double thumbs up SnapComms (aka JUCY Comms) – thank you!"

- Rachel Greenwood, Communications Executive, JUCY Group


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