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SnapComms Improves Message Cut-through by More than 50%

Nearly two thirds of customers who responded to our customer survey reported an improvement in message cut-through of more than 50%. Of the remainder all except one customer saw message cut-through improve (by between 10% and 50%).


Results from SnapComms Customer Survey

Q: How effective have the SnapComms tools been in helping you achieve each of your communications objectives?



Customer survey results

Impact on the Other Communications Objectives

Customers who responded to the customer survey also reported improvement against the following Internal Communication objectives:

To make message distribution easier and more efficient: “Increase ease and efficiency of creating and distributing messages. SnapComms has been extremely effective at this objective versus the previous, cumbersome product that we were trying to use.”

To make internal newsletters more manageable to digest: “Newsletter improved. Drastically. They were looking at using the SnapMag to deliver the internal newsletter in weekly bite size chucks as opposed to monthly and loved results and the feedback was great.”

To reduce costs: “Reduce cost of reaching 400 employees in 9 locations and at home. SnapComms has been very effective at providing a low cost method of communication.”

To make the desktop environment more consistent: “The objective was standardized manageable desktop screen savers. Score 10 for this objective.”

Reducing maintenance of email lists: “Reduced maintenance of notification lists: 10”

Distributing critical information: “Sharing of law enforcement intelligence”

Cutting through email clutter: “We required a tool to cut through the email noise in our organization. This does the job.”

Other Proven Benefits of SnapComms

In the survey, customers gave additional examples of how SnapComms has benefitted or added value to their organization:

  • Immediacy/speed of delivery

  • Better/improved targeting

  • No longer have to retain email lists

  • Reduces volume of emails

  • Message cut-through

  • Reminders of meetings and events

  • Keeping people informed

  • Improved/quicker response times

  • More direct communications

  • Measure communications effectiveness

  • Fun format

  • Good for change management

  • Higher levels of readership

  • Can use remotely

  • Can distribute to multiple sites

  • Training and learning/employee performance

  • Communicate urgent/ emergency/ safety/ security information

  • Gets information to employees not using/ checking email

  • Employee interaction and engagement

Calculate the Impact of Ineffective Internal Communications

SnapComms Annual License fees can be as low as $1.75/user/channel/year for large enterprise. This means that even if the internal communications budget is small, the SnapComms channels may still be affordable. SnapComms pricing and savings.

The SnapComms channels may also help your organization save money on other types of communications and/or increase productivity. So even if you have no spare internal communications budget, there is a good chance that the SnapComms channels can be cost justified.

Use this Cost and Productivity Calculator (below) to calculate where you can save cost from your internal communications budget and to identify where you can improve productivity and effectiveness within your organization.


Calculate the hidden costs of poor internal communications

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