New Feature – Lock Screen Now Available

8 June 2018

SnapComms are excited to launch the new Lock Screen feature – perfect for turning your idle computer screens into compelling communication channels.

Lock Screen unlocks the huge communication potential of your organization’s computer screens. It allows you to reach employees with useful or important information, every time they unlock their computer.

Message readership and recall relies on repetition – and that’s where Lock Screen delivers.

Staff will see your message multiple times throughout each day. The first time will be at log in at the beginning of the day - so you’re assured of a captive audience from the start

  • Combine imagery and text – create powerful personalized messages
  • Target and schedule – tailor message delivery for maximum impact
  • Easy publishing through the SnapComms Content Manager – no need for IT to implement


lock screen flu shot reminder

Password Security Reminder Lock Screen


The Lock Screen feature was developed to meet customer requests, says SnapComms CEO, Chris Leonard. “We had a number of customers telling us that sustainability was an important issue for their organization, particularly with regard to power consumption. They loved the ability to communicate with staff passively, via wallpapers or screensavers, but wanted a channel that would not consume unnecessary power.

“We’d also observed the increased use of laptop computers for work, especially for mobile and remote workers. In the field, these obviously run off batteries, which makes power conservation even more important.

“The Lock Screen concept was born out of this desire for strong communication, but in a form that was more economical on power usage,” adds Leonard.

Lock Screen is an exciting new tool for your internal communications toolkit. It provides a perfectly-timed opportunity to promote and reinforce your messages throughout the day – every day.

More information is available on the Lock Screen product page.