SnapComms Internal Messaging API

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Extend How SnapComms works: 


  • An outside system can trigger an alert message

  • SnapComms can receive data from another system

  • SnapComms can query data from another system


Example : SnapComms has created a custom web page that is used by front desk staff to immediately trigger emergency alerts in dangerous situations.



Internal message API


Interface with other applications - Enable other applications (such as SharePoint, CRM’s or HR systems) to interface with SnapComms.


SnapComms Internal Messaging API

The SnapComms solution has API’s that allow you to integrate with other applications. This means that content created from another source can be automatically published and delivered to targeted users using the SnapComms messaging formats.

The SnapComms API gives developers the ability to:


  • Create and publish content ("Access API")

  • Register and manage devices ("Registration API")

  • Import users and groups from other systems ("Import API")

  • Deliver push notification to various devices ("Notifications API")

  • Enable access to published content ("Client API")

  • Return reports and content statistics ("Reporting API")


NB) RSS content delivery - As a standard feature, the SnapComms Scrolling Ticker format already allow you to add RSS feeds to a scrolling ticker and have them display on the screen of targeted users and groups. Every time the RSS feed source is updated the ticker bar will scroll on screen and display all active news feeds. If you are able to convert your content into an XML feed you could use the SnapComms RSS feed to display these messages on screen.

You can also add RSS feeds to the screensaver digital signage channel.


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An HTML5 SnapComms API client

 SnapComms has built a full HTML5/JavaScript client based on the Registration, Access and Client API’s.


api client

Synchronize Users and Groups

Synchronize Dynamic Active Directory Groups with the SnapComms content management system. Use the Access and Import API’s to enable this solution.


user groups and active directories


Reporting API

All data displayed in the reports folder (and other locations) within SnapComms content management system is gathered through API calls to the Reporting API.





SnapComms API Documentation


We’re developers ourselves and understand the need for comprehensive documentation and detailed examples to allow you to obtain the desired results as soon as possible.  Please contact us for more information. 


  • Getting Started Guide

  • SnapComms API Documentation

  • Developer Forums

  • Is:

  • Built on a generic, secure XML caller framework

  • Provides easy use SDK wrappers for C# and JavaScript

  • Easy to use

  • Comes with:

  • Detailed installation documentation

  • Fully documented examples for the most common tasks

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