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How Understanding Human Psychology Will Improve Your Internal Communications

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Why do we react the way we do to certain messages? Why do they make us feel differently? What’s in our DNA that drives our responses?

It really is all in the mind.

Humans are wired to consume and interpret information in certain ways. Understanding the psychology of this is the secret to improving employee engagement and increasing communication success.

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  • Surprising insights on what the science reveals - and why it matters for your employee comms
  • How message effectiveness is influenced by a range of subconscious factors - dating back to caveman days!
  • The secrets behind behavioral conditioning - and the link to Derren Brown
  • How to apply these insights to reach the hearts and minds of your employees

psychology of communications


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How will understanding the psychology of communications help you?

message readership

Lift message cut-through

Appealing content that employees want to read


employee engagement

Boost engagement

Content that builds affinity and encourages interaction

memorable comms

Make it memorable

Stronger message resilience and employee recall longer-term

clear communication

Avoid comms clangers

Minimizing the mistakes which derail communications effectiveness

improve behaviours

Improve behaviors

Persuasive messaging that drives the responses you need

message success

Increase campaign success

High performance for every message, at every touch point

Meet The Presenters

Philip NunnPhilip Nunn is the General Manager – Business at SnapComms. He leads an international team of internal communication experts who specialize in helping major organizations meet the increasingly complex challenge of effective employee communication.

Phil has a background in product innovation, business development and customer service - an ideal blend for understanding and resolving the complex challenges of employee engagement today. He has presented to thousands of attendees at conferences around the world.

Michael HartlandMichael Hartland is the Content Marketing Manager at SnapComms. He uses the power of communications every day, overseeing the production of a range of material in the employee engagement and internal communication space.

Michael has worked in marketing management roles for businesses in a number of sectors in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, including financial services, media and tourism.

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