Achieving Customer Success

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Make Customer Success A Priority

Customer success is a critical function in modern workplaces. When customers are successful, they have greater loyalty and deeper relationships with businesses. Today’s top-performing organizations are focusing on this to achieve stronger growth, customer retention, lifetime value and ROI.

Customer success is a proven driver of organizational performance. (Source: ACTA Universitatis)

Whether your customers are consumers, patients, students or other businesses, customer success defines the effectiveness of your service and the satisfaction with using it.

It’s too important to sit with just a single team. Internal communications focus your whole organization on delivering the outstanding customer success which benefits everyone.

Woman sitting besides customer success lock screen on computer
Repeat Customer Success principles with ongoing internal communications that reinforce without interrupting

Better Customer Success With SnapComms

The SnapComms platform supports you in getting all staff on board with the importance of customer success – from senior management to staff ‘on the ground’.
happy customer ticker
Scrolling desktop tickers update staff on the status of customer issues, remind about follow-up actions or share latest news. Unmissable but unobtrusive, tickers are designed to deliver.
customer success tips
Screensaver messages promote your current campaigns, reinforce expected customer call behavior, advise of training sessions or summarize customer success values.
newsletter on mobile

Internal newsletters summarize key customer information, celebrate internal customer champions, confirm upcoming milestones and share wins – all in a single, highly-visual format.


customer quiz on tablet
Staff quizzes verify understanding on important topics, such as campaigns or processes related to customers, and identify areas of potential training needs.

Discover Our Range Of Channels For Internal Communications


Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Demonstrate C-suite commitment

Embody the customer focus in all staff communication from management. Use video alerts to share CEO updates that everyone should read. Include customer success examples in monthly newsletters.

  • Strengthen communication with frontline teams
  • Lead from the front

Build better understanding

Use staff quizzes to assess employee understanding of customer success best practice. Encourage suggestions on behavioral improvements through open-format staff surveys.

  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Address knowledge gaps before they escalate

Strengthen outcome focus

Introduce desktop tickers to maintain visibility of customer success goals and to remind staff of actions they need to take (for example, customer call follow-ups).

  • Align efforts across the organization
  • Drive positive performance

Celebrate successes

Publicize accomplishments across the organization via vibrant screensavers on every computer.

  • Generate enthusiasm
  • Motivate even higher standards

Results Are Assured With Snapcomms

Increase visibility
Clearer appreciation of value generated by each customer touch point – website, call center, purchase, support team etc.
Strengthen commitment
Raise internal awareness and align efforts of all staff behind customer success
Improve processes
Stronger focus on customer issues provide learnings to improve overall business processes
Maximize opportunities
Maximize opportunities
Boost ongoing business potential by keeping staff focused on delivering high standards
Improve Training
Improve Training
More effective customer-related training and upskilling programs through better promotion
Long-term Partnerships
Long-term Partnerships
Develop mutually-beneficial relationships by communicating and supporting customer goals

Features That Take Customer Success To New Heights

Use these special communication features to improve the promotion and celebration of customer success in your organization.

  • Maximize readership by scheduling time-based messages, such as sending reminders on success milestones like renewals or up-sells. Repetition increases recall, so use passive channels to reinforce customer initiatives and drive positive call behavior.
  • Set up employee groups and important messages in advance. This ensures that you have target groups and a comms stream ready to go when needed. For example, at the launch of a new customer support campaign.
  • Bring customers to life so that they’re not just words on a page to staff – especially new hires. Share a video tour of a visit to the customer’s location, and interviews with key members of staff, through video alerts.
  • Set up and maintain a customer intranet page – the single source of truth on all things concerning the customer. This will help you become knowledge leaders and stay on top of what’s happening in the customer’s world, what’s concerning them, what changes may be coming etc. Advise staff whenever updates are made and direct them via ticker notifications.
  • Make sure to focus on your staff engagement too – if your staff are unmotivated, their service will suffer. Share success stories through the broad reach and eye-catching format of screensaver or wallpaper channels. Celebrate positive feedback, when tricky issues are resolved or on big customer milestones.

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