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Tutorial Videos and User Guides

Learn how to use SnapComms’ tools step by step

Whether you're looking to achieve message cut through for urgent messages, build engagement or raise general awareness of company initiatives, our Product Tutorials and Guides help you get the most out of the SnapComms tools.

Getting started



Desktop quizzes and surveys

Screensaver messages

Desktop wallpaper


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Getting Started

Getting Started in the Content
Manager (05:47)

Management Folder (05:27)

Adding Administrators (04:55)

Setting up Groups Manually /
Using Active Directory (03:42)

Adding Groups Manually (01:26)

Adding Groups Using MS Active
Directory (01:37)

Managing Users (04:38)

Content Display Report (05:00)

Dashboard (04:40)

Snooze (04:08)

Applying Default Settings (05:40)


Creating a Desktop Alert (04:13)

Creating a Video Alert (04:13)

Creating an RSVP Alert (05:16)

Creating a Youtube Alert (04:41)


Desktop Ticker Tutorial (04:58)

Creating a Multi-Headline
Ticker (05:19)

Creating an RSS Ticker (02:49)

Desktop Quizzes and Surveys

Desktop Internal Survey / Quiz
Tutorial (06:11)

Quizzes / Surveys: Getting
Answers (04:32)

Screensaver Messages

Slideshow Screensaver (05:22)

Multimedia Screensaver (04:41)

Flash Screensaver (03:35)

Design a Screensaver (06:00)

PowerPoint Screensaver (03:44)

Countdown Screensaver (05:08)

Desktop Wallpaper

Desktop Wallpaper Tutorial (03:08)



SnapMag Overview (03:52)

Writing Articles (06:04)

Editing Articles (06:25)

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User Guides

Quick start guide (PDF)

User Guides

Alert data sheet

Ticker data sheet

Quiz / Survey data sheet

Interactive data sheet

SnapMag data sheet

Content Tips

SnapComms content tips and ideas (PDF)

How to use Desktop Alerts for employee notification (PDF)

How to use Network Screensavers to Communicate Visually with Employees (PDF)

How to use Staff Newsletters for Employee Communication (PDF)

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