IT Outage Notification

Don’t Rely On Email When An Outage Strikes

Relying on email during an IT outage is too big a risk. It’s not suited for urgent communication, it’s ignored by staff, and it isn’t effective when the pressure is on.

Communication is key. Employees need information fast to stay productive. Your IT team needs to focus on resolving the issue. Management need assurances of any operational impact.

IT downtime statistic

Informed employees stay busy at their desks – not busy calling Helpdesk. IT teams stay focused when every minute counts – and the whole organization sees IT as problem-solving superstars.

But how can you get employee attention? SnapComms bypasses email to guarantee 100% readership of your important IT outage notifications.

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IT outage notification on desktop and mobile

Ready-To-Use Notifications Make Outage Communications Easy

SnapComms makes it easy for you to get employee attention and generate action. We’ve worked closely with customers to create ready-to-use notifications for every type of outage – whatever the scale and urgency.

Research-based, best practice design and high-impact formats guarantee 100% readership – unlike other channels and platforms. Communicate planned and unplanned outages easily. Just edit the text and send.


Notifications For Planned IT Outages

Planned IT outage notification



Notifications For Unplanned IT Outages

Unplanned IT outage notification ticker on desktop



Try SnapComms Ready-To-Use IT Outage Notification Templates For Yourself

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SnapComms Features Give You More

Built-in features of SnapComms make your IT outage notifications more effective.

  • Notification templates with pre-configured layouts, colors and graphics – visual communication best practices that maximize impact and end user experience.
  • Tailored alert and notification formats owned by IT and reserved for high priority communications.
  • Alerts inform all staff immediately, whatever their device and wherever their location.

  • Tickers update staff on the outage status, minimizing speculation and Helpdesk calls.
  • Screensavers remind staff of planned outages in advance, plus reinforce correct behaviors.
  • Message targeting, scheduling and recurrence options guarantee readership and engagement to ensure expectations are managed.

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