Don’t Rely On Email When An Outage Strikes

Communication is key in a system outage. Downtime is unproductive time – and a huge cost to the business.

Informed employees stay busy at their desks – not calling your Helpdesk. IT teams can focus on resolving the incident.

91% of IT professionals believe poor incident communication increases downtime. (Source: Dimensional Research)

Relying on email during an IT outage is too big a risk. It’s not suited for urgent communication, it’s ignored by staff, and it isn’t effective when the pressure is on.

Network outage notifications that avoid email help resolve incidents faster. And enhance your IT team’s reputation across the organization.

Fast, Unmissable Outage Notification Software

The SnapComms platform bypasses email to guarantee 100% readership of your IT outage notifications – across every device, every location.

Alert employees fast. Provide status updates in real-time. Notify when systems are back online. Promote best practice to improve response to future incidents.

With SnapComms you can target staff groups, schedule messages and repeat until read, to ensure your downtime isn’t a downer for everyone.


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IT outage notification on desktop

SnapComms ready-to-use notifications are available for every type of outage – whatever the scale and urgency. See sample outage communication examples below.

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Platform Overview

How a major hospital managed essential IT communications

"We have a strict rule about when the messages are sent, how, and what criteria is used. I make sure that our messages around IT issues are important and they're clear."

Mark Greaker
Corporate Director of IT Operations
New York Presbyterian Hospital


Everything you Need to Reach and Engage Staff – Every Time

Built-in features of the SnapComms platform increase your messaging success and drive results.



Send messages to groups or individuals for higher relevance and engagement.



Repeat unread messages to achieve 100% staff readership or response.



Real-time insights to track performance and improve message success.



Set up messages to send in advance for greater readership and convenience.



Provide admin rights to manage user access and improve governance.



Require staff acknowledgement of messages to ensure readership and compliance.

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SnapComms is proud to help customers across the world improve their IT outage communications and keep their businesses running.

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