Empowering Successful Organizational Change

Change can rejuvenate an organization. But the process of change often causes unease for employees and leaders. Mergers and acquisitions, restructures, new policies and business transformation all create opportunities – but invite employee resistance.

Disconnect causes discontent – 45% of employees prefer the status quo at work. (Source: Forbes)

Effective change management communication protects an organization against declines in morale, productivity and performance.

By reassuring employees and minimizing roadblocks to success, managers achieve the highest levels of staff awareness and buy-in fast.

The SnapComms range of communication tools ensure every change is communicated effectively.

Change message alert from CEO

How KPMG Improved Their Business During COVID-19

“The more channels you can use to support your messaging, the better. If we supplement emails and calendar invites with Screensavers, we’ve seen event attendance triple, even quadruple. It’s been really fantastic.”


Michelle Littlejohn
Communications Manager, KPMG


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Reach all your staff with engaging messages at every step – raising awareness, growing understanding, managing objections and smoothing transitions.

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Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Results You Can Rely On With SnapComms

Enhanced leadership
Reputation enhanced through authoritative top-down messaging
Minimized disruption
Rumors addressed through openness and encouraged participation
Greater buy-in
Sustained, behavior-driven messaging supports acceptance of change
Maintained momentum
Focus kept on objectives during times of change
Greater engagement
Improved positivity and interaction from visual, inspirational content
Improved communication
Effective change strategies through real-time data-driven insights


Jennifer Brazer, Founder and CEO, Complete Controller

"It's very important when you're working in a virtual environment to find alternative ways to communicate with your staff. SnapComms has enabled us to keep our cyber security, compliance and staff culture communications fresh."

Jennifer Brazer

Founder and CEO, Complete Controller

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Everything you Need to Reach and Engage Staff – Every Time

Built-in features of the SnapComms platform increase your messaging success and drive results.



Send messages to groups or individuals for higher relevance and engagement.



Repeat unread messages to achieve 100% staff readership or response.



Real-time insights to track performance and improve message success.



Set up messages to send in advance for greater readership and convenience.



Provide admin rights to manage user access and improve governance.



Require staff acknowledgement of messages to ensure readership and compliance.

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Customer Stories

Many of our customers have found SnapComms essential to their change communications program. Read their stories to learn why.

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  3. A new Change Communications framework you can use now
  4. Best practice advice for successful return to work programs

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