Empowering successful organizational change

Change can rejuvenate an organization. But the process of change often causes unease for employees and leaders. Mergers and acquisitions, restructures, new policies and business transformation all create opportunities – but invite employee resistance.

Disconnect causes discontent – 45% of employees prefer the status quo at work. (Source: Forbes)

Negative impacts on morale, productivity, and performance can be avoided with an effective change communication strategy.

By reassuring employees and minimizing roadblocks to success, managers achieve the highest levels of staff awareness and buy-in fast.

See below as to how SnapComms range of communication tools ensure change is communicated effectively.

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Office move alert message on pc
Desktop Alerts are a powerful way to ensure important change reminders are seen and read by staff

Create A Change Communications Campaign Across Multiple Channels

Reach all your staff with highly-targeted messages delivered via the SnapComms platform. Different formats match your needs at every step – authoritative for announcements, sustainable for reinforcement, and interactive for garnering feedback.
ceo video alert message
Desktop alerts raise awareness and communicate with impact in times of high importance. Video alerts are effective when in-person communication isn’t possible.
merger newsletter on tablet
Newsletters circulate updates around the change to provide transparency and quash rumors.
sales and marketing merger screensaver
Screensavers use visuals to make staff aware of important information such as new processes to follow or timeframes for providing feedback.
company survey on mobile
Employee surveys provide a pulse check during times of uncertainty and an outlet for employee opinions.
acquisition quiz on laptop

The employee quiz tool provides unlimited opportunities to monitor, motivate and educate employees during times of change.


ticker on laptop
Desktop tickers provide regular updates, links to new change content on your internal sites, or reminders about action required.

Discover Our Range Of Channels For Internal Communications


Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Gauge understanding

Survey employees on how well they understand the proposed change and how it affects their role, plus invite feedback on the change.

  • Identify areas of misunderstanding and message reinforcement
  • Foster collaboration and staff buy-in

Boost confidence

Publish weekly bulletins via video or newsletter with progress updates on the change initiative to reassure staff.

  • Demonstrate transparency and engender confidence
  • Minimize impact of rumors

Track attitudes

Identify trends or measure attitudes and perceptions through surveys and quizzes.

  • Detect hot spots for probing and addressing

Reinforce wellbeing

Broadcast reminder messages via Screensavers, Tickers and Lock Screen with wellness tips to help counter stress during times of change.

  • Demonstrate employee care
  • Mitigate absenteeism

Results You Can Rely On With SnapComms

Enhanced leadership
Enhanced leadership
Reputation enhanced through authoritative top-down messaging
Minimized disruption
Minimized disruption
Rumors addressed through openness and encouraged participation
Greater buy-in
Greater buy-in
Sustained, behavior-driven messaging supports acceptance of change
Maintained momentum
Maintained momentum
Focus kept on objectives during times of change
Greater employee engagement
Greater engagement
Improved positivity and interaction from visual, inspirational content
Improved staff communication
Improved communication
Effectiveness through real-time data-driven insights

Supercharging The Success Of Organizational Change

The SnapComms platform includes features designed to reduce the stress and improve the effectiveness of your change communications.

Target your messages to meet the needs of the different employee groups within your organization (for example, if only specific departments are affected by the change). Set up a specific group for field-based staff to deliver mobile-optimized messages.

Set up change communications in advance to prepare for, and respond quickly to, staff feedback. During change, pre-schedule messages to ensure that employees hear about changes at the same time you advise the market or the media.

Repeat messages that have not been read, using recurrence and scheduling settings to deliver at specific dates and times for maximum visibility and impact.

Assign administrator rights to key personnel so they can create and publish updates featuring the latest accurate information.

Use real time reporting to identify readership rates and where necessary use message escalation or message acknowledgement capabilities to achieve 100% cut-through.

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