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Organizational Resilience Through Change and Crisis

Resilience in the workplace is how an organization adapts to change and crisis. For businesses to survive, and employees to thrive, organizations must become more resilient.

Resilient teams collaborate more effectively, work more flexibly, and produce more innovatively.1

Preparation and communication are key. Today's successful teams are being proactive in reviewing and revitalizing the way they work.

SnapComms is the unique communications platform for protecting your business and empowering your employees.

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Why Communication is Essential for Resilience

“Resilience is something that is done with employees and not done to employees. It needs to be not just transparent, but participatory.

Balancing operational resilience and psychological resilience works best when it’s embraced by everyone in the organization and it saturates the culture.”

Steven M. Crimando, MA, BCETS, CHPP, CTM
Principal and founder - Behavioral Science

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This exclusive free guide contains everything you need to build a more productive, strong and successful workplace:

  1. The key elements to strong workplace resilience
  2. How to assess if your organization is resilient or not
  3. Strategies for building resilience through internal comms
  4. Practical examples for 8 common workplace issues - and how to solve them

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Building Resilience at Work Through Communication

Proactive communication strategies strengthen workplace resilience.

Employees gain knowledge and reassurance around change management, and support for health, wellness and career growth.

Employers develop a more productive, flexible and creative workforce, performing at higher levels and greater efficiency.

Communication campaigns translate the theory of resilience into tangible and effective working practices.

The SnapComms multi-channel solution delivers engaging, impactful messages to help your organization thrive - whatever the future brings.




"SnapComms definitely changed the face of communications for us. It helps us to get impactful messages out at the right time, to the right audience."

Suzanne Pullinger, Media and Communications Advisor

Astron Energy


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