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Scrolling Tickers Deliver Important Updates

What's A Desktop Ticker?

A Desktop Ticker is a narrow window of scrolling text typically displayed at the bottom of a computer screen.

Its short, snappy format is ideal for conveying bite-size chunks of information to your employees. It is often used for signposting and hyperlinking to more detailed content within its headline.

Also known as a scrolling desktop news feed, a Desktop Ticker allows the reader to scan headlines while working within other applications.

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How A Desktop Ticker Works

Desktop Tickers are created within the SnapComms Content Manager and can include text, hyperlinks, icons, and RSS feeds. They can be set to stay on screen permanently until clicked or to reappear at scheduled intervals.

Once published, all employees with the SnapComms App installed on their desktop will receive the scrolling notification, equipping them with the latest, most accurate information on-the-spot.

Special features such as varied scrolling speeds, insertion of icons, multiple URLs and headlines, plus forced appearance so that Desktop Tickers run continuously until turned off all lead to 100% readership.

Why Is A Ticker So Powerful?

Firstly, a Desktop Ticker arrives on your employees’ screens, on top of every other application, making it virtually impossible to miss. Its overt appearance makes it an effective tool for pushing out important news, reminders, and updates to employees.

Desktop Tickers bypass email systems completely, ensuring message cut-through is immediate, reliable, and guaranteed – as well as measurable.

Communicators benefit from greater control and visibility of messaging broadcasts and increasing employee awareness and engagement.

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Common Use Cases: Desktop Tickers In Action

Need to send important updates to staff without interrupting their work? A SnapComms Desktop Ticker is the number one choice for communicators.

  • Operational communications – timely updates that do not compromise screen real estate
    Provide status updates on operational issues – such as stock levels, customer service metrics, product and price changes – while working within other applications
  • Mass notifications - for priority content 
    Publish organizational-wide messages with guaranteed immediate cut-through and 100% readership (using recurrence options)
  • Systems outages – when email or other applications are down
    Notify staff of the status of IT system outages (planned or unplanned). Reassure employees IT are working on the issue and advise target remedial time
  • Team performance updates – to motivate, keep focus and reinforce targets
    Provide latest sales, marketing and other teams’ performance data to keep employees focused on end goal
  • Training prompts – to remind staff on best practice
    Help staff retain new learning with regular tips and reminders covered in training
  • Change updates
    Reinforce change initiatives to increase awareness, help staff adapt and direct them to more information e.g. URL link to Intranet
  • Breaking news - financial results, weather warnings, external news
    Important announcements that will be seen by everybody at the same time, improving internal communications effectiveness
  • Live updates on internal competitions, events and updates 
    Add excitement and buzz to your employees' day by publishing latest results of staff competitions, sales results and games, or push an intranet RSS feed
  • Time-sensitive news - to coincide with external market or media announcements
    Provides a single source of truth that’s up-to-date to keep staff informed of current events and breaking news, published as ‘live’ as you wish
  • Nudge reminders – for action-oriented tasks 
    Remind staff of impending deadlines related to compliance, new policies, routine tasks, behavioral change and more
  • Cyber security warnings - fraud alerts, security breaches, phishing emails
    Advise staff immediately of any breaches, to deter perilous clicks and scams and avoid network contamination
  • Countdown – for new product/marketing campaigns, or office move
    Ensure excitement and anticipation builds every time a new campaign (or important change) is launched

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