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Scrolling Newsfeed To Deliver Important Updates

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High Visibility Real-Time Staff Updates

A Desktop Ticker is a narrow window of scrolling text typically displayed at the bottom of a computer screen.

Important information is delivered to employees seamlessly, in near real-time. Employees scan messages to consume content fast – without interrupting their work.

Short, snappy formats with bite-size content achieve high readership.

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Adaptable for Diverse Communication Needs

Highly visible, yet nonintrusive, scrolling Tickers bypass overloaded email channels for maximum attention, low disruption.

IT and security notifications, company events, new policies, project status updates and more are communicated quickly and easily.

Signpost company updates and latest news. Remind staff of important information. Link to intranets or online resources for more details.

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100% Readership Builds Employee Engagement

Tickers are flexible to give your messages the prominence you need – remain on screen or repeat until read.

Enrich your messages with company branding, hyperlinks, icons and RSS feeds for greater engagement.

Desktop Ticker software ensures message cut-through is immediate, reliable and measurable, every time.

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Customer Stories

Many of our customers are using Desktop Tickers to notify their staff quickly and efficiently of important information they need to know - from high priority updates and breaking news to emergency notifications.

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