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Meet the Challenges of IT Today

There’s a lot riding on IT helpdesk management today.

They're responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of devices. They’re supporting more geographically dispersed users while rolling out regular system changes.

Already busy support teams are under strain. Numerous tickets on the same subject distract IT staff from problem-solving. Constant high call volumes preclude staff from tackling more proactive jobs.

To offer a high-quality support service, managers need IT helpdesk solutions that improve efficiency, reduce call volumes and optimize performance.


Download: How to Make a More Efficient IT Helpdesk

Get this exclusive free guide to learn seven solutions for reducing Helpdesk calls and boosting productivity. Find out:

  1. How to maximize your team's capabilities
  2. Tactics to increase user knowledge
  3. Best practices for Helpdesk communication
  4. Clear, visual instructions for implementation

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Building a Better Service Desk Communication Plan

Effective communications keep users informed and IT teams productive.

Timely notifications alert users to urgent information and reassure them of IT's response.

Awareness campaigns through the year reinforce correct processes to follow - leaving helpdesk staff to tackle more important tasks.

Email is ineffective. Modern communication platforms cuts through workplace noise to guarantee employee attention and engagement.

SnapComms offers a range of service desk communication templates to help manage service desk needs. Explore our solutions

How AAG Reduced Helpdesk Tickets and Raised Efficiency

“Staff get so inundated with emails that they don’t give some messages the priority they need... We’ve seen a reduction in helpdesk tickets by having timely messages sent out through SnapComms.”

Mario Martinez
Director of IT Operations, American Advisors Group


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