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Human Resources is a critical area for organizations. It plays a strategic role in managing people and the workplace culture and environment. 

You’re the first port of call for any staff issues or employee communication needs. That's why effective HR communication is key.

Successful businesses are built on successful staff. But without the right tools to deliver important information, staff engagement will drop, productivity will fall and business performance will suffer.

Only 40% of employees globally are highly engaged with their job – and this is declining year-on-year.

For you, this represents a big challenge – but also a fantastic opportunity!

Employee survey alert reminder
Publish alerts, surveys and more to employees' screens to get attention and engagement

Your communication needs are diverse – so are our solutions

As an HR professional, you wear many hats. You’re conveying important information, ensuring processes are adhered to, soliciting feedback, attracting and retaining staff, and much more.

We help managers like you truly get employee attention. Our multi-format tools suit every HR communication need. From alerts and tickers to surveys and newsletters, the SnapComms solution is revolutionizing the world of digital internal communications.

And because it completely bypasses email, you’re guaranteed to successfully hit your employees’ screens - desktop or mobile - and grab their attention.

Health and wellness week screensaver on a laptop
Publish HR content via passive channels such as Screensavers, Wallpaper and Lock Screens

Bringing your HR communications to life

Your HR messages are far too important to leave to chance. That’s why dynamic, engaging solutions that drive readership are so important.

Where existing communication tools like emails are bland, uninspiring and easily missed, alerts and tickers are vibrant and bold. Screensavers and wallpapers are memorable and highly-visual. Surveys and quizzes are truly interactive.

Together, these tools will bring your HR communications to life. Excite your employees about an upcoming training session; tantalize them with teasers about an exciting new promotion; stimulate them with quirky quizzes to test their knowledge.

Isn’t it time you took your HR communications to the next level?

Woman viewing SnapComms report
Dashboard reporting to see who has read and engaged with your HR content

HR Communication Scenarios

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Products Overview

Effective HR Internal Communications with SnapComms Helps You to:

  • Reduce ‘message wear-out’ resulting from staff being overloaded by corporate emails
  • Increase employee readership of all communications so that everyone is ‘in the know’
  • Maximize attendance at training sessions and other company events to ensure highest participation rates
  • Encourage the adoption of new processes to drive behavioral change
Improve employee wellbeing by promoting healthy workplace initiatives
Direct employees to valuable knowledge portals, such as your Intranet
Measure and track your internal communication so you can report on effectiveness
Reach all staff – including remote workers, those on mobile devices, or those viewing digital signage


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