HR ROI Calculator

This calculator simulates the potential return on investment your business could realize by implementing SnapComms

Step 1 - Input Data

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Step 2 - Your Data: Current vs. Higher Engagement

Using the information above, you can expect to see the following improvements when you commit to boosting employee engagement at your company.


Higher Engagement

Revenue per employee info

Businesses with highly engaged teams experience a 21% lift in productivity.1




Higher Engagement

Cost of absenteeism per employee info

Businesses saw a drop in absenteeism (unearned PTO) by 37% when teams are engaged in their work.2




Higher Engagement

Total cost of absenteeism info




Higher Engagement

Turnover rate info

On average highly engaged teams will experience a 40% improvement in turnover.3




Higher Engagement

Number of employees that leave in a year info




Higher Engagement

Total cost of employee turnover info

Replacing an employee costs a business between 30% to 150% of the employee's annual salary depending on skill requirements3




Higher Engagement

Step 3 - The Benefit Costs of Engaged Employees to Your Business

Additional company revenue due to higher engagement
Money saved from less absenteeism
Money saved from less turnover
Cost of SnapComms Solution Per Year

Sample pricing of the Engage package based on employee count. Learn more about our pricing.

Total business value
Total business value per employee

ROI of SnapComms %4,219.44%


Your total business value is the amount of revenue added due to a 21% increase in employee productivity, plus the money saved from a 37% reduction in absenteeism and 40% decrease in turnover.

These benefits are seen in organizations with high employee engagement. These progressive companies rely on frequent feedback to engage employees.

No one can put a price on the value of employees; their contributions, skills, or who they are as people. Our intent is not to propagate the myth that employees are nothing more than resources.

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