Don’t Risk Your Internal Marketing Falling Flat

If your internal marketing is failing to engage staff, you probably have a bad case of poor communication.

When the marketing team have worked hard crafting a new campaign, promoting it by old-school tools like email just doesn’t cut it. Staff miss the messages, momentum is lost, and everyone feels disheartened. The flash becomes a fizzle.

Internal marketing has a significant positive relationship with employee satisfaction. (Source: Victoria University of Wellington)

Communicators need innovative and irresistible tools for maximum internal marketing impact. Tools that educate staff for more fruitful customer interactions and inspire staff to become brand advocates beyond your office walls.

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Internal Marketing Communication Tools

Bring your internal marketing to life with the SnapComms platform. Product marketers can bypass boring emails completely and market directly to internal teams through a range of dynamic, attention-grabbing channels.
internal marketing video alert on laptop
Video alerts deliver the passion and spectacle of your TV ad campaign or online videos to staff. Whether desktop or mobile, all employees can be captivated by your video content, regardless of their location.
stay and play quiz on surface pro
Employee quiz make it easy to inject interactivity and fun into training – as well as to test whether staff have understood what’s been presented! Scores can be displayed immediately, and leaderboards created for instilling competition.
registration alert on tablet

The RSVP tool provides flexible options for enrolling in staff training, company events and company resources.

the launch newsletter on laptop

Digital internal newsletters are a rich multimedia tool for internal marketing. With the potential to include videos, live web pages, scrolling tickers and other media, these are a far cry from cold corporate emails.


Discover Our Range Of Channels For Internal Communications


Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Create interest

Prior to a new marketing initiative, display a series of key messages and themes on staff computers through promotional screensavers.

  • Build anticipation
  • Reinforce key campaign propositions

Launch campaigns

Banish boring and welcome wow by using video alerts to launch your new marketing campaign. The format ensures maximum visibility and message readership, whether to office-based staff or those on the road.

  • Form stronger emotional connection
  • Enhance prestige

Make improvements

A staff quiz or survey allow internal marketers to collect ideas and feedback from employees. These can be used to improve campaign delivery or gauge areas where upskilling is necessary

  • Make training more effective
  • Benchmark and track staff perceptions

Continually reinforce

Producing proactive marketing communications via digital newsletters and screensavers keep messages top-of-mind and ensure that staff remain properly informed to engage customers with confidence.

  • Improve service levels
  • Strengthen internal comms and marketing relationship

Internal Marketing Delivers Results With SnapComms

Increase engagement
Increase engagement
A more informed, inspired and entertained workforce is a more engaged one
Embed strategy
Embed strategy
Internal marketing is the color and emotion to bring corporate strategy to life in a way meaningful to staff
Reduce risk
Reduce risk
Effective internal marketing ensures essential messages aren’t missed, and the risk of mistakes is minimized
Strengthen advantage
Strengthen advantage
Staff speaking positively about the brand on social channels provides competitive advantage to drive sales and market share
Improve ROI
Improve ROI
Alignment of internal and external marketing efforts delivers greater potential for success while maximizing existing investment
Measure efficacy
Measure efficacy
Reporting in real-time helps measure readership and attitudes so ineffective communication can be improved

Features To Drive Your Internal Marketing Efforts

For a progressive internal marketing campaign, communicators need extra features to drive performance – like these ones built in to the SnapComms platform.

  • Scheduling features allow delivery of messages at a pre-determined time. For example, at the same time every day or after a certain time has elapsed. Separate delivery can be scheduled for different timezones.
  • Targeting permits the establishment of distinct audience groups for dedicated messaging. Sending highly-relevant messages to employees in different roles, teams or locations ensures communications don’t waste anyone’s time.
  • Customizable recurrence options set messages to reappear at defined intervals until an action is taken. For example, staff click a link to read more or respond to a quiz.
  • Message readership can be analyzed at employee, team or campaign level, providing a comprehensive picture of effectiveness. No need to fear lack of marketing measurement!

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