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What Is Lock Screen?

A lock screen is what users see on screen before logging into a computer. It provides a unique opportunity for organizations to broadcast important internal messages to staff, seen at a time when employees are highly attentive.

Because the message can’t be dismissed when users log in to their computer, your message gets guaranteed exposure.

The lock screen is simple to implement. You don't have to bother your IT team to schedule or even load up your content. Instead, it can be done directly from the SnapComms platform, streamlining processes and improving efficiencies all round! 

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How Lock Screen Works

SnapComms Lock Screen enables organizations to turn idle computer screens into compelling communication channels.

Upload the content you wish to appear within the SnapComms Content Manager. Select your audience and then publish it. All targeted employees with the SnapComms App installed on their desktop will receive your content the next time the computer transitions into lock mode (usually after one minute of keyboard inactivity).

With SnapComms, you can display your content on both the locked screen and login screen.

Why Lock Screen Is So Powerful

Aside from high visibility and perfect timing for message delivery, a Windows lock screen gets repeated several times each day. Repetition is key for message readership and recall. Staff will see your message multiple times, typically when they first log in and during an idle timeout.

Another major benefit for communicators is that the lock screen tool is separate from email – a notoriously overloaded, ineffective channel. Message cut-through is reliable and guaranteed with desktop lock screens.

Communicators benefit from exceptional visibility of their message, thereby increasing employee awareness and engagement.

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"SnapComms is a great way to capture our employees’ attention. It is a quick and easy way to let the business know what's happening and gives employees a boost when they are doing well."

Sarah Clarke

Front of House Executive/Admin, Morgan McKinley


Common Use Cases: Lock Screen In Action

Perfect for must-see messages that benefit from being repeated throughout the day, Lock Screen messages drive high recall and consumption.

  • General Information – publish organizational news, KPIs progress and achievements
    Important announcements get seen by all staff, improving awareness and maintaining focus on overall goals
  • Foundation Content – broadcast company mission statement, values and goals
    Omni-present messaging to help staff remember strategy and brand attributes
  • Company News – communicate updates in visually interesting way
    Use high quality imagery to appeal to and engage with all staff
  • Incident Communications – communicate system outages, inclement weather, operational issues
    As part of a ‘flood all channels’ communication approach, deploy Lock Screen to supplement other formats, improving overall visibility and awareness
  • Change Announcements – highlight and repeat key initiatives
    Increase awareness and help staff adapt
  • Internal Culture
    Greet staff at the start of their day with a striking visual and associated message
  • Remote Communication – push important messages to everyone, everywhere
    For mobile and remote workers, use Lock Screen to ensure company-wide consumption of message
  • Event Reminders – non-intrusive prod to staff about upcoming training, product launches, important deadlines or social events
    Ensure staff are in the loop to facilitate optimal participation and attendance
  • Behavioral Change – reinforce health and safety, ethics, compliance, wellness and workplace etiquette
    Passive reminders about desired behavior to improve employee standards
  • Countdown clocks - new product, marketing campaigns, major news
    Motivate and excite staff for maximum buy-in and awareness

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