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High Frequency Messaging That Can’t Be Missed

A lock screen is what users see before logging onto their computer. It’s a unique opportunity for organizations to reach staff with messages when they’re highly attentive.

Most companies’ computer screens lock after a few minutes to protect information security. That means staff see lock screen messages whenever they unlock their computer – on morning log in, returning from lunch and multiple times throughout the day.

Lock screen messaging uses the full computer screen space, providing a powerful, yet non-intrusive communication channel which can’t be missed.

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Promote Important, Non-Urgent Communications

Message cut-through is reliable and guaranteed with corporate lock screens. Your important internal communications reach staff every time – improving employee engagement, while reducing email overload.

Build employee awareness of company activities. Promote news and achievements. Improve compliance with updated policies.

Lock screens can be used as a powerful campaign tool in tandem with corporate wallpapers and screensavers. Use lock screens before employees log in, wallpapers after login, and screensavers when their screen becomes idle.

Customize, Deploy And Amplify With Ease

SnapComms Lock Screen software is easy to deploy. Everything is done directly through the platform – no need for IT involvement.

Simply upload your content, select your audience and publish. All employees with the SnapComms App will see your content the next time they need to unlock their computer.

The SnapComms Lock Screen is a more effective alternative to the group policy in Windows lock screen. Use SnapComms to increase visibility and engagement with your organization’s content.

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Lock Screen messages are repeated throughout the day, perfect for driving high message awareness and recall.



Lock Screen is my favorite tool. Staff can’t ‘X’ it away. If we’re promoting an event, the Lock Screen and Wallpaper are much more effective.

Georgina Gray

Communications Officer European Sales & Service Centre, Air France KLM

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