SnapComms Technical Overview


SnapComms is a complete multi-channel, multi-device platform. Messages are created using the secure cloud-based SnapComms Content Manager and sent to employees who have the SnapComms App installed on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The SnapComms App can be installed on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Messages can also be displayed on digital signage.

Access to the SnapComms Content Manager needs to be provided first for a content creator and publisher (also known as Content Manager administrators) to create, target, and publish content to your employees.

View our knowledge base for more information regarding the installation and use of SnapComms.

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Message Creation and Administration


Build Your Own or Template Library

If you know what you want to create, you can select one of our channels and create your own content, choosing fonts, imagery, and colors appropriate to your brand guidelines and messaging requirements.

Choose from a selection of more than 40 Templates, with different designs, content and imagery for a range of uses. Available Templates differ depending on whether you’re on the Inform or Engage package.


Message Behavior Upon Delivery

Message administrators can specify exactly how messages appear on-screen (i.e. pop-up notification, direct on-screen, fullscreen, ticker, etc).

Employees who need to work uninterrupted when they are in meetings and giving presentations can be given the 'snooze' option. Administrators can configure the maximum length an employee or group can snooze within a day.


Send Messages in any Language

When creating content in SnapComms, you may type the text in different languages. The default language of the content can be also configured to translate the text in buttons, etc.



Employees can be targeted based on their details, location, use of the SnapComms App, and more. Groups can also be defined based on their responses, allowing communicators to streamline the process of sending follow-up messages.

Communicators can create custom content that resonates with employees. For example, creating an Alert targeting employees that live in a part of the country experiencing bad weather, or creating targeted reminder messages based on responses from previously-published content.


Managing Published Content

Content calendar
Scheduled content (by administrator or overall) can be shown in calendar format. This option provides a quick view of what has been published (the type of channel, publish time, and duration). Its purpose is to avoid information overload for staff and for administrators to have visibility of all outgoing messages.

Content dashboard
A dashboard of all content that has been published can be accessed to see how often content has been viewed. Information may also be drilled down to the content folder level.

Proving the effectiveness of your communications is possible using the Reporting Center. You can view the dashboard overview of reachable users, messages published, and views within the Reports Center in the App. Administrators with Users and Groups permissions can also create targeted groups from filtered Success Report results.

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