Bringing Students, Staff And Management Together

In centers of learning as important as universities, communication is key.

Staff are dispersed across multiple locations. Thousands of students are applying – many more are already enrolled. Everyone is hungry for information.

Communication solutions need to be compelling for all audiences to be informed and engaged. Students expect the same richness in delivery that they enjoy in consumer tools.

That’s where SnapComms excels. The unique platform offers the full spectrum of communication channels – from passive to priority. That’s essential when your communication needs are so diverse.

Dynamic tools grab student and staff attention; visual tools reinforce messaging; interactive tools inspire engagement.

When communication is so critical a part of education, don’t settle for less than the best.

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Promote your content directly to students with enticing messaging

Education Communication Channels

Scrolling Ticker – Discreet yet hard-to-miss. Informative to update staff and students on issues like the status of application processing

Desktop Alert – Can be sent full-screen, to any device. Perfect for shooter on site alerts, IT outages, extreme weather events or important announcements.

Lock Screen – Broadcast visual messages on staff desktops, conveying university values or latest campus events in a highly-memorable way.

Screensaver – Dynamic, animated channel for promoting positive behaviors, fostering campus culture or launching education campaigns.

Survey – Interactive format collects real-time staff feedback for managers to glean insights on potential areas of improvement.

Newsletter – Collate latest news and events in a fully-branded, attractive newsletter template, customizable to your requirements.

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