So much of today’s business activities rely upon the smooth running of your IT services. That’s why it’s essential to communicate with end-users should things change.

A system migration, some scheduled maintenance or an unplanned outage can put an abrupt end to the working day. All eyes are on you for answers. Meanwhile, employee productivity takes a dive and your IT helpdesk suffers a meltdown.

Proactive communications before, during and after an IT event will appease staff during any downtime, minimize negative repercussions, and preserve your team’s internal reputation.

The average business loses 545 person hours a year through IT downtime – most of it due to reduced worker productivity. 
(Source: Arcserve)

Desktop IT outage alert
Desktop Alerts bypass email to ensure staff see IT messages on time

Why SnapComms channels are perfect for IT communications

SnapComms software is used by hundreds of IT teams around the world to get important communications out to staff – at the right time, and the right place.

Next time an outage strikes, or a critical IT message must be conveyed, save stress and time by publishing immediate updates to those affected.  

SnapComms channels completely bypass email to appear onto your end-users’ mobile or desktop screen.

Effective IT internal communication that is direct, fast and unmissable. 

Laptop showing cyber security ticker on screen
Scrolling tickers are highly effective at updating staff, unobtrusively

Must-See IT Messages Seen By All

We offer a suite of passive-to-intrusive tools that get employee attention. These include desktop alerts, tickers, screensavers, wallpaper, digital newsletters, quizzes, survey and compliance tools.  

Each tool has specific qualities to suit the nature of your message. For example, a full-screen desktop alert is bold and direct - perfect for notifying staff about an urgent scam email, or unexpected outage.

A scrolling desktop ticker (also called a newsfeed) is less obtrusive than an alert, but is ideal for relaying status updates for an IT incident.

Screensavers work well for reinforcing best practice for online behavior and security… and so much more.

Furthermore, all your content can be tracked and measured so you can see who's reading your messages - and implement features such as 'repeat until read' to get 100% guaranteed readership. 

Woman viewing SnapComms Report
Measure your IT communications effectiveness, and achieve 100% readership

IT Communication Scenarios

Discover our range of tools for Internal Communications

Products Overview

Effective Internal IT Communication with Snapcomms helps you to:

  • Reduce the burden on your IT engineers so they can focus on fixing the problem in hand rather than getting swamped by helpdesk calls
  • Eliminate redundant support tickets, as staff know that you know there’s a problem
  • Publish regular status updates to keep staff informed and reduce confusion
  • Maximize workplace productivity by removing obstacles related to IT systems and communication
  • Educate staff about upcoming IT projects, so they can create their own workaround
  • Provide a single, up to date source of truth
  • Streamline implementation of new systems and processes
  • Build trust with the wider organization


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