Emergency Mass Notifications

Communication channels to help
coordinate and advise staff during an emergency or incident

SnapComms emergency mass notification on mobile and PC

Protect Your People When Disaster Strikes

reach you people 

Reach large groups quickly

SnapComms can help you communicate an incident or emergency in minutes with our easy to use and pre-defined emergency tools.
target the right people 

Target the right individuals

The SnapComms platform’s advanced targeting allows you to target 1 or 1,000,000+ employees, in single or multiple locations.
get attention 

Get attention immediately

SnapComms instantly takes over end-users' screens during an emergency so they are properly informed of the situation.

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Reach Employees Before, During Or After An Emergency

SMS Text Message

Reach your staff on mobile when they’re working remotely or on the road via our SMS communications solution.

SMS messaging is a great way to reach staff if they aren’t able to receive notifications. This could be due to 4G/5G connectivity being overloaded or compromised because they have no mobile data or they are out of coverage to receive your notification.

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sms weather alert

Panic Button

Designed specifically to be used during emergencies, Panic Button speeds up the time to alert individuals with critical information about a dangerous situation.

It enables those first at the scene to publish a pre-configured emergency notification directly from the SnapComms App, targeted to any employees at risk. Unlike the Desktop Alert, the Panic Button is a complete full-screen alert to ensure staff read the message.

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Health And Safety Check

During times of crisis or pandemic, checking on staff welfare through two-way communication is essential to ensure they’re healthy and safe.

Sending health and safety check messages can help arrest the spread of dangerous viruses, protect staff caught up in natural disasters, and keep people safe during critical events.

health and safety check alert

Emergency Preparedness Planning

Use the SnapComms platform to condition and train your staff on emergency preparedness. Whether it’s via a quiz, digital signage, or compliance alerts, the SnapComms platform can help you prepare your staff for the worst-case scenario.

Informing and educating staff through SnapComms messages helps improve safety and ensure business continuity.

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Customer Stories

Many of our customers are utilizing our Mass Emergency Notifications solutions to reach staff and ensure they have taken the necessary steps and duty of care to keep their staff informed and safe.


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