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Employee engagement is the rocket fuel that powers business performance. When staff are engaged, they're more productive and more invested in the results.

It also means neglecting employee engagement risks lower staff morale, reduced productivity, lower customer satisfaction and greater risk of business stagnation. No-one wants that.

Only 40% of employees globally are highly engaged.
(Source: Towers Watson Global Workforce Study)

But without effective internal communications, employee engagement is impossible. Are yours up to the task?

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Best Practice Tools For Employee Engagement

A successful employee engagement strategy relies on internal communication that actually works. Multi-touch. Multi-media. Multiple times. That’s where SnapComms is ideally suited to help you drive your organizational performance.
Alert on laptop
Desktop Alerts offer fast, effective cut-through for important or time-sensitive messages staff can’t afford to miss. Video messages on latest news releases reach every employee through Video Alerts.
Company survey on mobile
Employee surveys bypass email to achieve high participation and response rates. These low-intrusion formats encourage two-way communication and foster positive employee relations.
screensaver on laptop
Lock screens displayed every time an employee needs to unlock their computer offer high repetition and message effectiveness throughout the day. Screensavers drive staff awareness through high impact visuals without interrupting or adding to information overload.
team newsletter
Digital internal newsletters consolidate various news snippets and content formats into a single dynamic newsletter. Videos, tickers and other rich media increase visual appeal, while hyperlinks drive use of your intranet.
ticker on laptop

Desktop tickers deliver regular news or status updates, links to new content on your internal sites, or reminders about actions staff need to take.


employee quiz
A employee quiz provides unlimited opportunities for building employee engagement, from work-focused and serious to light-hearted and fun.

Discover Our Range Of Channels For Internal Communications


Desktop Alerts: Push priority messages direct to desktop


Employee App: Engage staff with your content direct to mobile


Digital Signage: Transform large screens into message boards

Platform Overview

Use SnapComms Software To:

Promote initiatives

Engagement is higher with visuals, so leverage this to publicize current campaigns, monthly performance or key values through dynamic screensavers. A sequence of images can become a powerful storytelling tool.

  • Build awareness
  • Grow positive word-of-mouth

Improve culture

A staff quiz is a simple, non-threatening way to improve organizational culture in either a formal or light-hearted way. Test understanding of hot topics or recent activities. Or introduce a Friday quiz and encourage teams into some friendly competition.

  • Encourage teamwork
  • Gauge effectiveness of staff training

Grow participation

User-generated content is still a useful way to build engagement. Encourage staff to contribute to the corporate newsletter – customer success stories and real-life examples bring content to life.

  • Humanize the organization
  • Support company strategies

Generate buzz

Video is high impact and needn’t be costly. Create excitement around coming events, new employee benefits or other activities in a video message sent via video alert.

  • Enhance appeal to younger staff

Retain good staff

Use a staff survey to assess morale, gather feedback and catch dissatisfaction early. Addressing any issues reduces their risk of escalating and reassures staff of prompt action taken.

  • Streamline business operations
  • Foster perception of management responsiveness

Celebrate achievements

Recognition of efforts is a powerful motivator. Share company, department or individual highlights through screensaver messages and scrolling tickers.

  • Support focus on the bigger picture
  • Promote completed and ongoing projects

Results You Can Expect With SnapComms

Increase productivity
Employees engaged in their work perform at higher levels such that momentum and productivity are maximized
icon-Sales Teams
Support change
Increase the adoption of best practice behavior and support positive cultural change
Improve morale
Staff turnover drops and job satisfaction increases through a positive working environment and greater staff involvement
Drive performance
Employees are more invested in successful outcomes from their efforts, which drives overall organizational performance
Grow ROI
Better employee engagement supports a stronger return on effort and investment by internal communication staff
Strengthen communication
Tracking readership and engagement helps identify which messages are most effective and where any communication gaps exist

Features & Functionality – SnapComms Delivers More

Special features of the SnapComms platform take the hard work out of building employee engagement – and put you in the driver’s seat.

  • Targeting allows messages to be sent only to specific staff groups by location, role or user profile. Higher engagement is achieved through better message relevance and low wastage.
  • Schedule notifications in advance with pre-prepared content to automate message delivery and timing – improving efficiency and reaching employees exactly when you want to.
  • Repeat messages that have not been read, using recurrence settings to deliver at specific dates and times for maximum visibility and impact.
  • Use message escalation or message acknowledgement capabilities to achieve 100% cut-through. Requiring staff to acknowledge readership provides greater assurance of message understanding.
  • Assign administrator rights to specified personnel in different departments so they can create and publish updates from their area featuring the latest information – hot off the press.
  • Real time tracking provides insights which allow you to make improvements ‘on the fly’. Readership can be analyzed at employee or team level, providing assurance that all staff are being reached, or at campaign level, giving an overall picture of effectiveness.

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