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Powerful Alerts Sent Direct To Employee Screens

Desktop Alerts are digital, pop-up notification messages sent directly to employee desktop and mobile screens – guaranteed to achieve 100% reach and readership.

High priority messages appear on top of other applications, bypassing email completely to get employee attention and drive response.

Severe weather desktop alert

Flexible Formats For Every Communication Need

Desktop Alerts are most effective for sending high-priority messages to staff, such as breaking news, emergency notifications or essential employee communications.

Ready-to-use templates allow you to send messages fast and effectively.

Flexible formats can be personalized with your branding and adapted for your needs, including full-screen emergency alerts, direct on-screen alerts or smaller pop-up notifications.

pop-up notification alert software

Dynamic Features Deliver Higher Engagement

Rich media features of Desktop Alerts ensure employees engage with your messages. Text, images, video, hyperlinks and audio notifications can all be included for greater effectiveness.

The more eye-catching and engaging your notification, the more employees will open, read and interact with your message.

Desktop Alerts achieve unparalleled reach and engagement for every message, every time.

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Our library of Alert Templates cover many scenarios to help your messages cut through faster and improve your communications.

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Desktop Alert Variations

Video Alert showing corporate training

Video Alert

Deliver video messages in pop-up formats to increase views

RSVP Alert showing goal setting workshop invitation

RSVP Alert

Push RSVP invitations directly to employee devices to drive attendence

registration alert notification on laptop

Registration Alert

Pop-up invitations enabling staff to opt in or out of events or communications 

Emergency alert triggered by panic button - code alert

Panic Button

Allow staff to trigger emergency alerts from their PC or mobile

Special Features Of The SnapComms Platform

Employees receive and see our messages quicker than ever before! Staff really appreciate our prompt alerts. It makes things go much smoother around here!

John Straughan ITS, Wallowa Hospital

Customer Stories

Many of our customers are using Desktop Alerts to notify their staff quickly and efficiently of important information they need to know - from high priority updates and breaking news to emergency notifications.