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What's a Desktop Alert?


A desktop alert is a digital, pop-up notification message that appears directly onto employee computer screens or mobile devices.

Its attention-grabbing format is ideal for sending high priority messages to staff, such as breaking news, emergency notifications or essential employee communications. 

This high priority notification channel – sometimes known as a mass notification system - bypasses email systems completely and is guaranteed to get 100% reach and readership. An added bonus if your email channel is down!

How a Desktop Alert Works


A message is created within the SnapComms Content Manager platform by your organization’s appointed administrators. Text, images, video and hyperlinks can be incorporated, along with other features such as instant full screen display or audio notification, depending upon severity of message.

Once published, all employees with the SnapComms App installed on their desktop or mobile phone will receive a pop-up or push notification featuring the message.



Why Alert Software is so Powerful


An alert is a highly visual message with a real sense of ‘now’. Think of it as a super priority channel that staff simply cannot ignore. It is ultra-effective for pushing out communications that are urgent or have high importance.

Bypassing email systems completely, a desktop notification’s interruptive nature means message cut-through is immediate, reliable and guaranteed – as well as measurable. Separate to email, an Alert avoids Outlook user ‘rules’ which often result in communications being ignored or unread.

Communicators benefit from greater control and visibility of messaging broadcasts and increasing employee awareness and engagement. 

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Common Use Cases: Desktop Alerts in Action!

 When message delivery, timing and acknowledgment is imperative, desktop and mobile alert software is the number one choice for today’s modern communicator:
  • Breaking news - financial results, senior appointments or resignations
    Important announcements that will be seen by everybody at the same time, improving internal communications effectiveness
  • Time-sensitive news - to coincide with external market or media announcements
    Provides a single source of truth that’s up-to-date to keep staff informed of current events and breaking news
  • Cyber security warnings - fraud alerts, security breaches, phishing emails
    Instantly push messages out to employees to deter perilous clicks and scams and avoid network contamination's
  • Change announcements
    Launch change initiatives that catches everybody’s attention, increase awareness, and help staff adapt 
  • Compliance campaign
    Help staff prioritize compliance messaging, and gain their compliance acknowledgement 
  • Systems outages – when email or other applications are down
    Alert staff when important IT systems go down, no need to contact the IT Helpdesk to log an issue, bypass email and keep staff informed without delay
  • Emergency/crisis communications – inclement weather, terrorism, travel, product recall, operational
    High impact, attention-grabbing channel to ensure ALL staff are immediately informed of the crisis and are kept updated
  • Important policy updates
    Give high profile treatment to new policy announcements and ensure staff register their understanding and acknowledgement
  • Countdown - new product or marketing campaigns
    Ensure new campaigns make a great first impression, to motivate and excite staff
  • Mass Notifications
    Publish organizational-wide messages with guaranteed fast cut through and 100% readership (using recurrence feature)

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Desktop Alert Variations

Video Alert showing corporate training

Video Alert

Deliver video messages in pop-up formats to increase views

RSVP Alert showing goal setting workshop invitation

RSVP Alert

Push RSVP invitations directly to employee devices to drive attendence

Registration Alert

Pop-up invitations enabling staff to opt-in or out of events or communications 

Emergency alert triggered by panic button - code alert

Panic Button

Allow staff to trigger emergency alerts from their PC or mobile

Special Features of SnapComms Software

Employees receive and see our messages quicker than ever before! Staff really appreciate our prompt alerts. It makes things go much smoother around here!

John Straughan ITS, Wallowa Hospital

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