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Transform Idle Digital Screens Into Powerful Promotional Tools

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Eye-Catching Messages On Every Screen

A SnapComms Corporate Screensaver is a powerful internal communications channel that transforms blank, idle screens into dynamic digital billboards.

Promote messages to staff in a visually-engaging and targeted way, at a time when they’re most receptive.

The passive yet powerful format informs and engages staff without intruding or adding to email-overload.

Mental health screensaver on desktops

Bring Internal Communications To Life

Broadcast content direct to employee desktops, mobile devices and large digital signage display screens.

Use corporate screensaver messages to drive business objectives. Publicize events, improve culture, launch campaigns, support change, promote values and celebrate successes.

Bring your content to life by including vibrant imagery, video, animations and RSS feeds to build employee engagement with your message.

Screensaver on office digital signage

Flexible Features Deliver Maximum Impact

SnapComms Screensavers are fast to set up and easy to use – no IT involvement required. Just publish your message and every employee will see your screensaver – whatever device they’re on.

Customize your content for maximum effectiveness. Target all staff or select only those you want. Schedule screensavers to appear at set times. Set messages to stay on screen until clicked or to reappear at scheduled intervals.

Screensavers are an essential enterprise communication tool. Their flexible format supports a range of objectives, and their simple interface makes creating, updating and publishing engaging content a breeze.

How SnapComms Screensavers Work
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Our Screensaver channel is an eye-catching visual way to inform and engage your staff.


Customer Stories

Customers across the world are using SnapComms Screensavers to support key business initiatives, from internal campaigns and change communications to improving culture and celebrating achievements.


Michelle Littlejohn

“If we supplement emails and calendar invites with Screensavers, we’ve seen event attendance triple, even quadruple. It’s been really fantastic.”

Michelle Littlejohn

Communications Manager, KPMG

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