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Effective Yet Unobtrusive To Get Employee Attention

What Is A Screensaver?

A SnapComms Corporate Screensaver is a powerful internal communications channel that transforms blank, idle screens into eye-catching digital billboards.

This highly visible tool allows you to get important internal messages across easily, in a visually-engaging and targeted way. Display eye-catching video, lively slide-share presentations, beautiful pictures, timely reminders, company messages, fun animations, and informative RSS feeds directly to employees’ screens to tell your compelling story.

What's more, they're easy to implement and don't require IT resources. Any authorized administrator can schedule and load Screensaver content, streamlining processes and improving efficiencies all round.

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How A Screensaver Works

Our business screensaver software is activated once a screen becomes idle for a preset time (i.e. when an employee is away from their desk or on a call). Their screen will switch to the screensaver message, based on the content created within the SnapComms Content Manager.

Screensavers can be set to stay on screen permanently until clicked or to reappear at scheduled intervals. Once published, all employees with the SnapComms App installed on their mobile device and desktop will see your screensaver.

Our easy-to-use screensaver solution allows you to broadcast content straight to staff mobiles and desktops - and even large display screens (digital signage). 

Why Are Screensavers So Powerful?

Corporate Screensavers present a golden opportunity to impart important messages during an employee’s 'downtime' when they’re likely to be more receptive to your content.

Its passive but unmissable format enables you to really drive a message home: excellent for engaging employees, promoting a positive culture, and driving behavioral change. You can sequence content and add interactive elements – great for building teaser campaigns, generating momentum and engaging staff.

Their ‘always-in-the-background’ format provides an ideal way to inform staff without intruding, annoying or adding to your organization’s overloaded email channel.

The major benefits of a screensaver over traditional static printed signs include easy updating of information, animation of images, message targeting, message delivery to specific locations at set times, and fast swap out of messages.

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Common Use Cases: Screensavers In Action

When employee engagement, awareness and building positive culture are your goals, corporate screensaver software should be your first choice.

  • General Information – publish organizational news, KPIs progress and culture-related content
    Important announcements get seen by all staff, improving awareness and maintaining focus on overall goals. Include video, iFrames, images, links and more
  • Tactical Storytelling
    The sequential natures of Screensavers makes them ideal for building a story. Highly effective for driving cultural or procedural change, new marketing or product launches
  • Company News – communicate updates in visually interesting way
    Include tickers, videos, media coverage + links to other resources as a ‘combo screensaver’ featuring all these formats to fully engage staff
  • Emergency/Crisis Communications – communicate system outages, inclement weather, terrorism, travel, operational
    As part of a ‘flood all channels’ communication approach, activate screensavers to supplement other formats, improving overall visibility
  • Change Announcements – highlight and repeat key initiatives
    Increase awareness and help staff adapt to change initiatives with sequential screensavers
  • Foundation Content – broadcast company mission statement, values and goals
    Omni-present messaging to help staff remember important brand attributes
  • Digital Signage Displays - broadcast screensavers onto high traffic, big screens
    Amplify your message and ensure communications are not missed. Use the screensaver for broadcasting digital signage content onto bigger screens
  • Event Reminders – non-intrusive prompts to staff about upcoming training, product launches, important deadlines or social events
    Ensure staff are in the loop to facilitate optimal participation and attendance
  • Behavioral Change – reinforce health and safety, ethics, compliance, wellness, and workplace etiquette
    Passive reminders about desired behavior to improve employee standards
  • Countdown Clocks - new product, marketing campaigns, major news
    Motivate and excite staff for maximum buy-in and awareness

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Special Features Of The SnapComms Platform

Screensaver messages have really helped to build our internal brand and culture, and act as mini billboards promoting things of benefit and interest to staff.

Annabel Barbosa

Director of Communications, Wintec

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