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Annual License Model

SnapComms is provided as a per-user annual subscription with Term Discounts available for multi-year subscriptions.

License Fee Pricing Variables

The cost of the SnapComms license fee is dependent on three variables:

  1. The number of SnapComms Channels purchased,
  2. The number of users
  3. The hosting solution

1. SnapComms Channels

The SnapComms Communication Tools are divided into six channels (SnapComms Channels), grouped per their on-screen display characteristics. Licenses are purchased on a ‘per channel’ basis giving you the freedom to acquire only those tools that best meet your current needs.

Alerts Tickers Newsletter Questionnaires Screensavers Wallpaper
Desktop & mobile alerts Ticker Newsletter Quiz Screensaver Wallpaper
Video alerts RSS ticker   Survey   Lockscreen
Registration Alert          

2. Number of Users

A license is required for each User (end-user or machine) which will receive SnapComms messaging via the SnapComms App installed on PC, Mac or Mobile device.

3. Hosting Solution Options

The SnapComms Content Manager and associated on screen communication tools are available as a Managed Public or Private Cloud Service. The SnapComms platform resides within the SnapComms datacentre and is accessed via secure internet connections.

SnapComms offers Cloud hosting because of overall ease of use, the lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the ability to be productive in the fastest possible time.

SnapComms offers two Cloud based solutions as summarized below.

Option Description Applicable Fees
1. Public Cloud Fully redundant multi-tenant SnapComms instance Annual App License Fees per User
2. Private Cloud Fully redundant fully isolated single-tenant SnapComms instance Annual App License Fees per User

Indicative Annual License Fees (USD)

Enterprise Pricing – For 5,000 employees the cost is $7.50 USD per employee, per year for 3 channels.

Note: Price varies depending on the number of SnapComms channels chosen, and the number of employees and or devices i.e. the more licenses purchased, the lower the per-user rate. Minimum users: 1,000.

For smaller organizations (less than 1,000 employees), Annual License Packages are available starting at $4,000 per year for 1 channel. 

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Included Benefits

  • CORPORATE BRANDING OF MESSAGE SKINS - Simple branding/color overlay of the message skins (templates) is included in your license fees.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT 24/7 – SnapComms provides a fully comprehensive, global Technical Support function. Our Technical Support team assist with unforeseen events and issues, as well as providing pro-active installation / deployment assistance to customers with the SnapComms solution.
  • CUSTOMER SUCCESS PROGRAMME – The SnapComms Customer Success Team prides itself on providing world-class customer service post-purchase. Whether it be a fully supported customized on-boarding program, operational training or simple feature refreshers, the dedicated SnapComms Customer Success Managers are there to assist with all your SnapComms needs. Read more about the SnapComms Difference here.
  • PEACE OF MIND TECHNOLOGY – SnapComms are a Microsoft Gold Development Partner and have been certified Citrix Ready.

citrix_read_logo.png Microsoft_Gold_Application_Dev_logo.jpg

Additional Costs

Incorporation of customized templates.

Branded Templates are a free service we offer customers and prospects with a limit of one package per customer. A Package consists of a Popup Notification, a Message Window (used for Alerts, Videos, Surveys and Quizzes) and a Ticker.

All you need to do is supply us with your logo - we will do the rest. Your corporate colors are applied to text, buttons, footer and scroll bar. These templates are then installed in your Content Manager, ready for use.

By their very nature, the new style tools like Newsletters, Desktop Alerts and Tickers can be highly personalized for free i.e. changing color schemes, layout, fonts, text formatting, adding logos, images etc.

Should you require a fully customized template package (building a new format/shape), pricing starts at $400.

Read more about branding guidelines here.


Additional Add-On features that complement the SnapComms solution are available upon request and are typically utilized to address specific communications requirements.

Currently available Add-On features include: Campaign Mode, Quick Publish, Urgent & Emergency Alerts (with Panic Button) and SMS (Text Messaging).

Savings Calculator

Use this Impact calculator to calculate the potential impact and savings possible by using the SnapComms tools within your organization.


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