Pricing Packages To Suit Your Needs

SnapComms pricing is flexible to your needs. You choose the package you want and the number of employees you need.

Whatever you choose, you'll get access to a powerful multi-channel communications platform for all device types - including free message templates, unlimited usage and unlimited content creators.


Essential channels for important communications that reach all employees, raise awareness and drive action.

  • Desktop Alert
  • Video Alert
  • Ticker
  • RSS Ticker
  • Screensaver
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Panic Button
  • Employee App with Newsfeed


Full communication set to engage employees through rich visuals, dynamic formats and interaction.

  • Desktop Alert
  • Video Alert
  • Ticker
  • RSS Ticker
  • Screensaver
  • Quiz
  • Survey
  • RSVP Alert
  • Registration Alert
  • Wallpaper
  • Lock Screen
  • Newsletter
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Panic Button
  • Employee App with Newsfeed
Unsure which package is right for your business? Read more about our communication packages.


Core Features

Multi Device

Reach employees wherever they are, on desktop, mobile and digital signage.

Scheduling and Recurrence

Manage delivery time and repetition to guarantee employee attention.


Send messages to specific employees so they see relevant content only.


Real-time insights and reports to improve communication effectiveness.

Ready-to-go Templates

Repository of message templates to suit different communication objectives.


The Inform Package is ideal for publishing urgent notifications, such as IT outages, as well as operational communications and awareness campaigns. The Engage Package is a comprehensive toolkit for employee engagement campaigns, employee feedback, and employee sentiment surveys, as well as informing employees via a range of formats from urgent to passive.

SMS is available as an add-on to either package.

Both packages include 24/7 phone, email and chat-based technical support. There is also full training and a Customer Success Program to help you get the most out of your investment, using best practices from hundreds of customer deployments.

Social interactions are a feature in the SnapComms mobile app allowing employees to ‘like’ news, articles, stories or other content posted by your organization. It helps encourage employee engagement and provides users a richer social media-style experience. Social interactions are available with the Engage package.

Invoicing and credit card options are available, with all major credit cards accepted. Pricing for non-profit or charitable organizations is selectively available; contact us to find out if your organization is applicable.

SnapComms provides a unique range of communication channels across all device types, allowing organizations to reach and engage every employee with diverse message formats. Built-in features can achieve 100% message readership.

With SnapComms, your business can have full digital signage and survey capabilities, together with a vast array of other tools, in one integrated platform, allowing you to consolidate your suppliers and reduce costs.

Full tracking and reporting are included, meaning you can achieve all your strategic communication initiatives with measurable results.


wendy braun provisur

"SnapComms is easy, it's simple, it's fast. We can get messaging out in any shape, size or color. We can tell our story in a better way than through a bland email."

Wendy Braun

Corporate Human Resources Manager, Provisur Technologies

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