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Building Better Defense Against Cyber Crime

Poor cyber security is like playing Russian roulette with your business. Stolen data, customer privacy invaded, reputational damage – all outcomes from suffering a major cyber-attack.

Information security breaches are one of the biggest threats facing organizations today. But creating a culture of security that protects employees, customers and the organization is a challenge in itself.

A data breach costs companies an average of USD $3.86 million worldwide. (Source: Ponemon Institute)

Better cyber security starts with effective employee engagement. But making security awareness front of mind requires fresh thinking. The spotlight is on internal communications to ensure staff are aware of security risks – and how to avoid them.

Tools To Improve Employee Security Awareness

To be effective, Information Security managers need communication tools to raise staff awareness of why security matters, engage them on how to avoid the risks, and instill positive behaviors in them.

SnapComms high-impact channels ensure unmissable security messages reach all employees. Email is bypassed entirely, meaning messages cut-through and links can be clicked with confidence.

Desktop alerts are designed for fast, effective notifying of staff around security breaches or warnings, ensuring immediate action is taken to nullify or minimize the threat. Multi-device formats reach staff on any desktop or mobile device.

Desktop tickers update employees fast during situations such as phishing attacks, providing essential status updates to inform or drive action. Links to online resources can point to additional information, increasing usage of channels like the corporate intranet.

Screensavers are a powerful visual communication tool for reinforcing security behaviors, conveying helpful tips and promoting training sessions – repeated throughout the day for maximum visibility.

The RSVP tool sends pop-up invites to employees for capturing preferences around events, workshops and training sessions. Simple setup supports maximum staff participation and easy administration.

Employee surveys capture insights and suggestions from staff ‘on the ground’ through appealing visual formats and pop-up reminders to ensure high response rates.
A staff quiz supports security training by subtly reinforcing learnings and providing Information Security staff with valuable insights on those areas where follow-up sessions are required.

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Use SnapComms Software To:

Build awareness

Use eye-catching screensavers to make staff aware of the issue. Survey staff on their understanding to identify knowledge gaps, then collate their questions into a helpful FAQ newsletter.

  • Raise the profile of information security
  • Emphasize cyber security as a ‘real’ issue

Enhance training

Maximize attendance at staff education sessions through pop-up RSVP invites. Quiz employees afterwards to reinforce security policies and best practice.

  • Benchmark and track results over time
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement

Embed behavioral change

Continue communication post-training with ticker reminders of processes to follow and engaging screensavers reinforcing key messages.

  • Ensure compliance with cyber security policies
  • Promote best practice

Resolve incidents

Time is of the essence when a cyber security breach occurs. Notify staff immediately with desktop alerts and update them on status as the situation evolves via tickers.

  • Reduce staff queries to the IT helpdesk or IS team
  • Focus efforts on resolution
  • Inform staff of the cause, impact and remedial actions afterwards

Results You Can Rely On With SnapComms

icon-Sales Teams
Build compliance
Expected behaviors adhered to by employees better understanding of security policies, meeting compliance requirements
Maintain productivity
Staff performance isn’t impacted by distractions or system downtime in the event of cyber attacks
Improve outcomes
Better staff knowledge and greater focus on resolution increases the likelihood of successful outcomes
Reduce risk
The organization has less risk of damaging breaches that could impact customers, employees and the business
Enhance reputation
The organization is recognized for excellence in data privacy and protection, enhancing appeal to prospective customers, job-seekers and the business community
Prove efficacy
Reporting with real-time data-driven insights provide management with accurate measurement of communication effectiveness

Features To Drive Your Communications Harder

A comprehensive range of extra features built in to the SnapComms platform ensure every employee reads your cyber security messages – and acts upon them.

  • Set up different employee groups to deliver security awareness communications differently by role, location, security clearance level and more. Targeting in this way ensures maximum message relevance and minimal annoying wastage.
  • Scheduling allows your security messages to be set to appear at specific times, global or local, as well as in local languages.
  • Recurrence settings guarantee important messages are actually read by staff. Any unread messages can be set to repeat on employees’ screens until they are read.
  • Acknowledgement of message receipt and understanding provides valuable assurance of each employees’ compliance with security policies.
  • In the case of a crisis, messages can be delivered full screen and can override screensavers or locked screen displays. Fast, frequent, unmissable updates during emergency situations can help control and mitigate negative responses.
  • Permission levels can be set up to allow designated staff to publish security communications. This is especially useful for global organizations who want consistency of message but with a local execution.

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