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Prepare Your Employees For a Security Breach


In the wake of a major cyber attack, such as the recent ransomware WannaCry and Petya events, the spotlight is on internal communications to ensure staff are aware of security risks.

But getting staff to think and behave differently so that security awareness is front of mind requires fresh thinking. Information overload and excessive use of email usually means traditional communication methods are ignored. IT teams already battle in getting their most basic messages read and understood by employees.

SnapComms employee messaging software has been designed to drive home vital communications and support a culture of security. It’s become an effective way to get important messages to staff and help them understand why information security awareness matters. 

Its range of high-impact visual channels helps with habit formation, memorization and comprehension by pushing important, unmissable security messages directly to employees’ devices. Each channel bypasses email - an increasingly mistrusted communication tool - which means in-message links can be clicked on with confidence.      

See how SnapComms can help improve employee security awareness:



Security Awareness Screensavers


Putting messages where people are. A picture is worth 1000 words but why spend money on mouse pads and posters if you can put them in an interactive screensaver, digital signage or a desktop wallpaper which people see every day and can't lose. SnapComms allows you to build a library of key visuals and publish and expire them on a schedule to keep content fresh. 

SnapComms Interactive Screensaver Messages allow you to communicate visually with employees. They make it easy to:


  • Reinforce security behaviors through visual reminders

  • Change behavior and impart knowledge over time

  • Easily change out security messages with little network impact

  • Target multiple security messages to appropriate employee audiences

  • Enable hyperlinks and drive employees to more information online such as; quizzes, audits and interactive forums on security related issues.





“Staff can play such an important part in preventing a cyber security breach, and are often regarded as the first line of defence.
These days it’s vital to promote a culture of safe online-behavior. To do this well requires a sustained internal communications program.
At ArchCare, we’ve established an effective way to lift staff awareness levels across important cyber security topics using a variety of communication formats, such as video, screensavers and alerts via SnapComms’ tools.
Taking a ‘campaign’ approach has delivered great results for us; undoubtedly our staff are better informed and we’ve minimized our risk.”

– Mitze Amaroso, CIO, ArchCare


Desktop Wallpaper
In addition (or as an alternative) to screensaver messages, the SnapComms software allows you to publish security messages to computer wallpaper backgrounds. It permits you to:  

  • Cycle multiple messages during the day as wallpaper

  • Reinforce key behaviors over time
  • Target different visuals to retail, corporate and customer-facing vs internal computers.


Security Alert Notifications


Fast effective messaging tools for security warnings and breaches. SnapComms Desktop Alerts can be used to quickly notify staff quickly of a new security threat or security breach (on desktops and mobile devices) and to keep them up to date on the evolving situation. Alerts or scrolling ticker headlines can update employees during situations such as phishing attacks. This approach can have a particularly strong impact if the Phishing attack is a test run by the internal team and can be used to “name and shame” those who are caught on screensavers and in the company newsletter. (Especially if it is done in a fun way and backed up with information on how to spot phishing attacks).

security campaign tools

Deliver Security Alerts to Multiple Devices 


  • Target messages to everyone or just to specific employee groups involved

  • Ensure audiences see critical security messages in time

  • Drive fast action when processes change or action required (compliance, cut overs, roll outs etc.)


Compliance Communications. SnapComms Compliance Messaging Software provides a variety of ways to ensure that employees acknowledge receipt and understanding of important security communications.

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Increase Attendance at Security Training

Drive maximum attendance at training and face to face events. The SANs institute research shows that instructor training tends to have 10% show rate if it is not mandated, for online training this is 5%. This is a serious issue so use all the tools at your disposal to promote and drive attendance. 

The SnapComms RSVP tool allows you to send pop up RSVP invites to targeted employees on their desktop and mobile devices. RSVP’s will repeat until answered thereby ensuring maximum participation. The wider SnapComms visual messaging suite allow you to promote and countdown to training events, for example on screensavers, digital signage and scrolling headlines.  


Branded Security Awareness

SnapComms messaging formats are visual and allow you to apply branding and /or a mascot to make security messages more engaging. Branding also helps you prioritize different types of messages. For example, on a simple level, red = urgent breach, orange = warning (such as known phishing underway) and so on.


Measure and Track Employee Security Awareness 


Desktop Quizzes and Surveys. The SnapComms desktop message software delivers surveys and quizzes directly onto the screen of the desktop (and other devices) in visual formats and with popup reminders to ensure high response rates. Use desktop surveys and quizzes to:


  • Benchmark and track. Understand current security awareness levels, current behaviors and assess employee understanding of policy and internal security compliance

  • Reinforce. Quiz employees to reinforce security policies and best practice.

  • Control groups. The SnapComms platform makes it easy to send quizzes and surveys to small sample groups.  This means that you can measure and track security awareness (via different small sample groups) more often and still get statistically relevant data.




Security Compliance Quiz for Employees


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Define your Target Audiences


Message targeting. The SnapComms platform allows security awareness communications to be delivered to specific employee groups to suit context i.e. roles, different locations, security clearance level and more. It also allows multiple administrators to create and customize campaigns to suit local business needs, particularly important for global organizations who want consistency of message and culture, but local execution. Security messages can be set to appear at specific times, global or local, as well as in local languages.

In the case of a crisis, messages can be delivered directly as a full screen display (instead of pop-up), and can over-ride screensavers or locked screen displays. Fast, frequent, unmissable updates during emergency situations can help control and mitigate negative reactions.


What information does each audience require? Are there high risk areas or privileged users that need additional or different types of security communication? Are there translation or localization requirements?

Target messages to different target audiences depending on the security issues the different audiences face. SnapComms allows you to do this by integrating with your existing Active Directory Structures and provides other targeting options such as user opt in and CSV upload.


Publishing Features


Leverage area experts. The SnapComms platform allows delegation of message administration to multiple message "publishers" with different messaging rights.

The content calendar permits a high level view (and management) of all messages being sent. In addition, SnapComms unique collaborative newsletter format allows area experts to easily contribute articles to a security newsletter or the wider company newsletter.

 Collaborative Newsletter. SnapComms unique collaborative newsletter format allows area experts to easily contribute articles to a security newsletter or the wider company newsletter.

Campaign management. SnapComms allows multi-message security awareness campaigns.


Cloud or on-premise versions. The SnapComms suite of security awareness messaging channels are available as cloud or on-premise versions.


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