Staff Are Too Busy For Poor Comms

In a bustling call center, communicating with busy staff is a challenge. But important messages need to get through – and be read.

Effective communication equips call center staff with important information. It develops staff as skilled communicators. And it motivates high performance.

System outages, product unavailability, an emergency or crisis, special promotions – all impact on staff's ability to handle customer calls.

But call center agents are too busy to constantly check emails or visit your intranet. They want engaging communications which are concise, visual and memorable. That’s the SnapComms solution.

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Communicate And Motivate

SnapComms brings call center communications to life – all through one platform.

Provide call stats updates, reminders, daily tips and staff shift schedules through channels that are fast to read and non-distracting.

Promote internal campaigns, recognize employee excellence, reinforce company values and socialize team-building events with eye-catching visual formats.

Keep staff in the loop with newsletter digests on latest products and services, customer success tips and industry news.

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SnapComms: The Best Call For Your Company

The SnapComms multi-channel platform ensures your important communications and engagement messages are never missed.

High-impact to get instant attention, or passive to notify without disrupting, SnapComms channels are delivered straight to employee screens, bypassing email completely.

Great communication inspires exceptional customer service. Take your contact center to the next level with SnapComms.

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Georgina Gray

We’ve seen a real improvement in employee engagement since introducing SnapComms. It’s definitely given a lift to internal comms in our contact center.

Georgina Gray

Communications Officer European Sales & Service Centre, Air France KLM

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