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Phones ringing, people talking, keyboards clattering – in a bustling call center, communicating to busy staff is a challenge.

They’re engaged in customer conversations so can’t be spoken to, and they’re busy using call software or CRM systems so already have cluttered computer screens. Call volumes are high and interruptions expensive.

But there will be times when important messages need to get through – and get read. System outages, product unavailability, emergency notifications, special promotions – all impact on staff’s ability to handle customer calls.

Checking emails or visiting the intranet aren’t practical for call center communication. When staff need to spend time reading long pieces of information, call waiting times increase and process efficiency is undermined.

In contact center management, the goal is to motivate employees and recognize excellence. The solution is powerful communications which are visual, engaging and memorable. That’s the SnapComms solution.

Ticker showing call center stats
SnapComms tickers are perfect for informing without distracting


How can you ensure important messages stand out from other internal noise? With information overload comes message fatigue - and a real risk of critical content being overlooked.

SnapComms internal communication channels ensure important messages are never missed. Bypassing email completely, these high impact visual tools get employee attention and generate action as needed.  

call center ticker
Scrolling ticker – Easy to read and non-distracting tool for call stats updates, reminders, daily tips and staff shift schedules.
Call center desktop alert
Desktop (or mobile) alert - Get noticed now for urgent messages about software downtime, process changes or emergency communications.
Call center screensaver
Screensaver – Visual channel for driving internal campaigns, recognizing employee of the week, reinforcing company values or promoting social events.
Call center newsletter
Newsletter – Combine multiple emails, announcements and notices into an engaging newsletter, saving your staff from repeated interruptions.
Call center survey
Survey – Interactive and engaging, to convey real-time feedback from staff, provide a ‘temperature check’ on staff morale and check general knowledge.
Call center staff quizz
Employee quizzes - Entertaining and interactive way to reinforce training on new policies and procedures. 
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