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Corporate Signage Screen

High-Impact Messaging – Every Workplace, Every Screen

Corporate digital signage is a powerful way to get your messages seen. Eye-catching visuals and flexible formats reach all employees, wherever they are.

Digital signage uniquely reaches employees who aren’t desk-based, often impossible with traditional channels. This is critical for healthcare, warehouse, manufacturing, retail, and frontline workers.

From desk screens to giant screens, video walls to bulletin boards, digital signage cannot be missed.

digital signage on laptop and welcome screen

Messaging With Wow Factor

Digital signage is more than just static images. Video, scrolling tickers, countdown clocks, live webpages, animations, and other formats can all be included.

Strong visuals and high repetition create a ‘wow factor’ for every type of message – from awareness-building campaigns to emergency announcements.

Video on digital signage

Targeted Messages Drive Employee Engagement

Relevance improves communication success. Deliver relevant messages to targeted audiences, whether individual employees, groups or everyone.

Different audiences can see content specific to them. Higher relevance delivers higher engagement – essential for successful workplaces.

Targeted messages to employee screens

Benefits of digital signage for internal communications

SnapComms digital signage software is simple to use and impossible to miss - plus is considerably cheaper than traditional corporate digital signage.

  • Customizable formats can be easily tailored to your communication needs
  • Targeting messages to different locations, devices and audiences boosts employee response
  • Scheduling messages to publish and expire at set times improves readership success
  • Visual messages are communicated more successfully than via traditional channels
  • Broad reach amplifies your communications for maximum impact
  • The secure, cloud-based online interface is accessible anywhere
  • Reporting on message display provides assurance of effectiveness

"We no longer have to totally rely on the traditional and over-used methods of interacting with our audience (ie. email). We are now bringing to life our messages and programs in a creative, engaging, and fun way for all."

Bridget Evans,  Internal Communications, Vodafone Group Services

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