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digital signage for internal communications

Repeat and amplify internal communications in multiple locations. Reach employees wherever they are by utilizing digital signage screens to display internal communications, human resource messages, business announcements, achievements, goals or tips for staff.

Reduced digital signage costs - The SnapComms digital signage solution provides a massive reduction in the back end infrastructure costs of traditional digital signage. By leveraging Intel stick technologies, existing IP networks and the SnapComms employee communications platform, expensive “signage players”, digital screens and dedicated cabling and are things of the past.

Reduced capex requirement - Annual contracts available.

Easy to scale - Start small and add more digital signs as you need them.

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Advantages Over Traditional Digital Signage

  • Internet access - Update signage content remotely from anywhere via a secure web interface.

    Cloud solution - No need for dedicated on premise 'signage players'. Digital signage content can be provided as a cloud service.

    Wifi or existing Lan or Wan - Eliminate the need to run dedicated internal digital signage cables.

    Fast to update – Easy configuration and fast delivery of up to the minute internal communications and emergency notifications.

  • Targeting– Messages can be personalized for different locations, devices and target audiences for example, public areas versus lunch rooms.

  • Advance message scheduling and expiry- Set up individual messages to publish and expire at pre-determined times (or expire and update messages on demand).

  • Display reporting– Know which messages have been displayed and where (exportable data).

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We no longer have to totally rely on the traditional and over used methods of interacting with our audience i.e. email. We are now bringing to life our messages and programs in a creative, engaging and fun way for all.

Bridget Evans Internal Communications, Vodafone Group Services

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