Inform And Engage Employees On
Every Device, Every Time

Multi-channel communications are more effective. Packages are powerful. That’s why SnapComms packages combine the best channels to Inform and Engage your employees. Our packages are based on research, designed with customers, and optimized for success.

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Inform – Priority Formats,
Guaranteed Readership

Essential channels for important messages. Reach all employees, raise awareness and drive action.

Instantly deliver urgent notifications to keep staff safe. Run awareness campaigns to drive behavioral change. Communicate IT outages, promote health and safety best practices and increase cyber security.

  • Channels:  Desktop Alert, Video Alert, Emergency Alert, Panic Button, Desktop Ticker, Screensaver.

  • Use Case Templates:  Unplanned IT outages, cyber-attacks, workplace infections, active shooter, fire, extreme weather.

  • Employee App:  See the history of your messages in a company newsfeed on desktop and mobile.

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Engage – Rich Visuals,
Greater Interaction

Comprehensive product suite for all employee communications. Engage with employees, increase involvement and inspire performance.

Run employee engagement campaigns, improve organizational culture and increase employee compliance. Capture feedback and measure workplace sentiment.

  • Channels:  Desktop Alert, Video Alert, RSVP Alert, Registration Alert, Emergency Alert, Panic Button, Desktop Ticker, Screensaver, Wallpaper and Lock Screen, Survey and Quiz, Newsletter.

  • Use Case Templates:  Employee engagement, health and wellbeing, compliance, celebrations, plus all Inform Use Case Templates.

  • Employee App:  Turn all your messages into an interactive company newsfeed on desktop and mobile - let employees engage with your content through a social media style experience.

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Dynamic Reporting - Actionable Insights

Real-time measurement and exportable insights to drive your communication success

track performance
Track Performance

Visual dashboards show performance at a glance

validate results
Validate Results
Validation proves message delivery, readership and engagement
Reveal Insights
Filter, export and analyze reports from individual to campaign level
Prove ROI
Align communication results with business performance



"With SnapComms we've been able to provide actionable data... This has absolutely changed the dialogue we are having with our employees."

Julie Lane

Vice President Human Resources, NorthStar Financial Services Group



Additional add-ons to our product suite that provide greater impact when you need it.