Highlight Employee Policies, Safety and Ethics

Being compliant means adhering to guidelines, specifications, policies, standards or laws that are relevant to an organization. 

Compliance is in the spotlight for today’s workplaces. Issues of employee harassment, safety and equal rights have never had so much attention.

Making staff aware of the rules and regulations governing their industry and role is important – but no longer enough.

Staff must apply compliance learning into their everyday behavior. If they don’t understand and abide by these rules, the risks to the business – and the individuals - are huge.

For organizations, there's also a need to demonstrate their commitment to honesty and responsible behavior. Compliance Managers need effective communications solutions to these critical business needs.

SnapComms research suggests only 19% of staff open compliance-related emails. Of these, only 7% click through to the content. 


Watch this short video explaining how to get your important compliance content seen and acknowledged by your staff. 

Effective communication for the right behavior

Improving compliance demands positive behavior change. No more ‘tick the box’ compliance – this check and forget attitude carries no assurance that staff have read or understood.

Today, the emphasis is on building a compliance culture where it's embedded in each employee - part of the organizational DNA.

SnapComms makes communicating with staff easy. From announcing new policies or important updates, to reinforcing behaviors through visually-rich campaigns, our tools get the compliance seal of approval.

Your important messages will get seen by everyone – an essential  guarantee for compliance managers.

For something this important, you can’t just rely on emails to get the job done.

Compliance mobile alert message
Send compliance content direct to employees' screens, and measure their engagement

Make message wear-out a thing of the past

Staff are busy and have information-overload from being inundated by emails. It’s only natural they have message fatigue. 

Dynamic, memorable communication solutions are essential when sending often dense and intensive compliance information.

From quick-to-read, bite-size communications (such as alerts) to more comprehensive, media-rich content (such as digital newsletters), SnapComms delivers visible results.  

Alerts instantly get employee attention and announce something important. Tickers boldly update staff on new initiatives. Screensavers and wallpapers promote and reinforce behavior. Interactive surveys and quizzes test staff understanding - and provide vital validation for your records.

SnapComms solutions put you in control. Why not find out how we’re helping change the way organizations ensure compliance throughout their organization?

desktop pillar showing ticker
Easy-to-read passive reminders increase awareness of ethical and compliant behavior

Compliance communication scenarios

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Products Overview

Effective Compliance Communication with SnapComms Helps You to:

  • Create highly visual, multi-format communication campaigns that present important compliance training in an engaging way
  • Protect your organization against the risk of compliance breaches by staff
  • Keep all staff informed of policy and procedure updates – even those working remotely
  • Share with management (and external parties if required) accurate validation of who has read and engaged with your content
  • Ensure employees are aware of legal obligations which impact their role, and where to find them
  • Raise employee awareness through promoting Compliance Awareness Week campaigns
  • Encourage correct behavior around health and safety, ethical conduct, data privacy and more
  • Generate interest in and raise attendance at training sessions


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