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Build Awareness Of Company Messages

Corporate wallpaper is a desktop background image for communicating messages to employees.

Wallpapers are highly visual, engaging and non-intrusive – perfect for increasing message awareness and employee engagement.

Employees are reminded of important messages every time they see their background. By using the entire screen space, wallpapers offer a powerful solution for internal communications.

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Promote, Reinforce and Grow

Corporate wallpapers maximize reach of your important company content, without adding to email-overload.

Employees see your content as soon as they log on – at a time when they’re highly receptive.

Promote company values, increase cybersecurity awareness, announce company news, reinforce policy updates and grow culture.

Brand and Target for Greater Cut-through

SnapComms Corporate Wallpaper software is a powerful communication tool for delivering content to employee desktop screens.

Add greater impact by including company branding and targeting tailored messages to different user groups.

Flexibility in design and format make company wallpaper content simple to create and deliver. The tool is easy to deploy, allowing your messages to start reaching staff fast.

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Capture employee attention through a visual format that gets key messages across without interrupting productivity.


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"These have really helped to build our internal brand and culture. They act as mini-billboards promoting things of benefit and interest to staff."

Annabel Barbosa

Director of Communications, Wintec

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Customer Stories

Organizations find corporate wallpaper to be a powerful communications tool - whatever the industry, wherever in the world.

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