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Keep Staff Informed Without Interrupting Their Work

What is Corporate Wallpaper?

Corporate wallpaper is the background image (or backdrop) that appears when a computer is switched on and before any programs are active. 

This highly visual and engaging communication channel is seen by staff when they log into their computer before they open any applications. Organizations can seize this opportunity to publish important company messages directly to staff.

It is highly favored by communicators for being subtle and non-intrusive, yet it is highly conspicuous as staff see the wallpaper before starting work.  

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How Corporate Wallpaper Works

The easy-to-use SnapComms desktop Corporate Wallpaper is activated once a computer is switched on. The background image and content created by you will then automatically appear upon all targeted employees’ screens.

This highly visual channel utilizes the maximum display real-estate, taking over the entire screen. It is flexible in design and format, enabling important internal communication messages to be presented as a background image or pattern.

Why Are Wallpapers So Powerful?

It presents a unique opportunity to communicate company content in a visual and timely way. Wallpaper messages are seen typically at the start of a working day (when the computer is first switched on). It’s the first message an employee sees – at a time when they’re highly receptive. They can’t miss it!

Internal communication corporate wallpaper provides an ideal way to inform staff without intruding, annoying, or adding to your organization’s overloaded email channel.  

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Customer Stories

Many of our customers are utilizing our Mass Emergency Notifications solutions to reach staff and ensure that they have taken the necessary steps and duty of care to keep their staff informed and safe.



"These have really helped to build our internal brand and culture. They act as mini-billboards promoting things of benefit and interest to staff."

Annabel Barbosa

Director of Communications, Wintec


Common Use Cases: Corporate Wallpaper In Action

Wallpaper is an understated communication channel that over-delivers on capturing employee attention. It provides an effective, passive format that gets key messages across without interrupting productivity.

  • General Information – publish organizational news, KPIs progress and culture-related content
    Important announcements get seen by all staff, improving awareness and maintaining focus on overall goals
  • Building Culture – communicate updates in visually interesting way
    Build culture by promoting social club events, promotions, and other human-interest stories to engage staff
  • Remote Communication – push important messages to everyone, everywhere
    For mobile and remote workers, use wallpaper to ensure company-wide absorption of message
  • Behavioral Change – reinforce compliance, ethics, wellness and workplace etiquette
    Passive reminders about desired behavior to improve standards and support employees
  • Countdown Clocks - new product, marketing campaigns, major news
    Motivate and excite staff for maximum buy-in and awareness
  • Training Prompts – to remind staff on best practice
    Help staff retain new learning with regular tips and reminders covered in training
  • Foundation Content – broadcast company mission statement, values and goals
    Omni-present messaging to help staff remember important brand attributes
  • Event Reminders – non-intrusive prompts to staff about upcoming training, product launches, important deadlines or town hall meetings
    Ensure staff are in the loop to facilitate optimal participation and attendance
  • Warnings – communicate system outages, inclement weather forecasts, cyber security and other crisis comms
    As part of a ‘flood all channels’ campaign approach, use wallpaper to supplement other formats, improving overall visibility
  • Change Announcements – highlight and repeat key initiatives
    Increase awareness and help staff adapt to new world
  • Nudge Reminders – for action-oriented tasks
    Remind staff of impending deadlines related to compliance, new policies, routine tasks, behavioral change and more
  • Health and Safety Reminders
    Publish timely reminders about safety at work to protect staff 

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