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Employee Communications in Every Pocket

Keep staff informed with the personalization and speed of SMS messaging.

SMS gets your messages in front of employees fast, especially mobile or deskless workers. Employees always carry their mobile devices and check them multiple times a day – increasing message exposure.

Even if your employees don’t have company mobile phones, they can still be contacted on their personal phone.

Use SMS text messages as an internal communications tool to deliver timely messages your employees will receive wherever they are.

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Messages That Notify, Update and Protect

SMS communications are effective because it’s an established channel that requires no special software. People are familiar and comfortable with it, which increases open rate.

Mass texting adds an extra layer to your internal communications mix. It can send essential business messages employees need to read.

Emergency text messages reach employees in times of critical events, extreme weather events or disasters. Instructions can be provided, and safety check-ins conducted to protect employee health and wellbeing.

IT outages, shift scheduling or essential HR updates can be communicated quickly to ensure high readership.

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SMS + SnapComms is a Powerful Combination

SMS messaging perfectly complements the SnapComms platform. You can send a mobile alert via SnapComms plus an SMS message simultaneously.

Deliver SMS messages to a single user or multiple users within your organization. The SnapComms app needn’t be installed on user devices.

SMS is available via admin controls where you enter and publish SMS messages. SnapComms ties into selected third-party SMS Gateway service providers to deliver the messages.

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