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All Your Company Messages In One Branded App

Reach employees, connect remote staff and engage frontline workers with a branded employee app. Communicate essential information direct to employee devices in real time.

Across desktop, mobile devices and digital screens, the SnapComms communications app brings your content to life. Employees can easily find important messages or explore the latest company news.

The SnapComms app is concise, searchable and easy to use – just the way employees prefer to consume information.

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Employee Engagement At Your Fingertips

Stories present information in a bite-sized, social media style. Reactions encourage employees to interact with messages.

Newsfeeds present content in a user friendly format that’s easy to browse and read – ensuring messages don’t disappear like emails.

The SnapComms app integrates with Azure active directory and is easy to download from app stores. Bring your employees together with SnapComms.

The SnapComms Employee App provides streamlined company content with a modern user experience. Every message is vibrant and engaging – whether sharing information, highlighting useful resources or welcoming new hires.

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