SnapComms is an internal communications software solution made to bypass email to get important messages to staff in engaging ways. Our internal communication channel allows custom-made messages to appear on staff screens as a pop-up alert, video, scrolling ticker bar, screensaver, desktop wallpaper, survey, newsletter and more

Try SnapComms with no obligations (or credit card details) for 30 days! Get access to all of our tools to publish to your own screen to see which are best for your organization.

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The following features help keep that time to a minimum: Out-of-the-box default setting. Delegation of content administration rights. Use of user generated content. Tutorials, usage tips, self serve help and support options

Incredibly easy!  Anyone with basic computing skills will be able to create and publish content in a matter of minutes. Simply view our product tutorials for a step by step guide.

Extremely! Imagine 100% of your staff seeing and reading your messages in minutes - and having full transparency showing proof of this? Compare that with the overloaded channel of email. Reporting options make it easy to measure message delivery and readership. Find out how our tools can improve message read rates and cut through here, and tips for measuring internal communications.

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