Powerful Ways To Communicate With Frontline Staff

Engaged staff present better, sell better and service customers better. When they’re happy and motivated, so will your customers be. Much of this comes down to effective internal communications. 

But the bigger the brand, the more challenging this is. Frontline staff are often geographically removed from head offices. They may be employed via a franchise, and may rely upon second-hand information that has potential to be misinterpreted.

No wonder this sector experiences one of the highest staff attrition rates: There’s a greater risk of disconnect, and a greater risk of negative customer experience.

When corporate emails are increasingly unread, and intranets neglected by busy staff, head offices need powerful tools to grab manager and frontline employee attention.

SnapComms delivers retail communications fast for immediate, unmissable viewing. Solutions are highly-visual to spark interest and be remembered, and are interactive to encourage response.

Product recall alert message
Ensure frontline staff see and read important company information by publishing internal content through highly visual, direct-to-screen channels

Frontline and Retail Communications Channels

Scrolling Ticker – Unmissable way to update staff on company news, promotional updates, operational issues or training sessions - without distracting from any customer interaction.

Screensaver – Promote marketing campaigns, new product releases or company brand messages through this multi-format visual channel.

Quiz – Whether serious or fun, this is a light-hearted, non-threatening way to test subject knowledge or just inject some fun into your workplace.

Desktop alert – Immediate staff alerting to IT outages, payment gateway being down or product recalls to minimize risk of negative customer experience.

Survey – Listen to what your staff have to say, gather suggestions and identify challenges in a real-time environment.

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Communicating With Frontline and Retail Staff

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