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Protecting employees and your business in the future of work

Returning to work after COVID-19 is the biggest change businesses will have this year.

Whether full centralized work or a hybrid model with some remote working, the future of work will be very different. It's important for businesses to get right - but most employees don't want to return.1

That's a big problem for managers. Change is impossible if employees aren't part of it. Communications are critical.

The SnapComms platform delivers change communications that inform, engage and motivate employees - ensuring they and the business are ready for a return to work.

1 Best Practice Institute

Daily Health check-in and HR screensaver

How KPMG improved their business during COVID-19

“The more channels you can use to support your messaging, the better. If we supplement emails and calendar invites with Screensavers, we’ve seen event attendance triple, even quadruple. It’s been really fantastic.”

Michelle Littlejohn
Communications Manager, KPMG


Download: Time For Change - Managing A Successful Future of Work

This exclusive free guide contains everything you need for planning a return to work. It includes:

  1. Current data on workplaces today and how they are changing
  2. Research on change management and how employees respond
  3. A new Change Communications framework you can use now
  4. Best practice advice for successful return to work programs

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How Complete Controller boosted engagement with a virtual workforce

"It's very important when you're working in a virtual environment to find alternative ways to communicate with your staff. SnapComms has enabled us to keep our cyber security, compliance and staff culture communications fresh."

Jennifer Brazer
Founder and CEO, Complete Controller

Communication is key to successful change. These best practice tips for returning to work after COVID-19 will ensure yours is one to celebrate.

Templates bring your return to work to life

SnapComms offers a full suite of pre-built, ready-to-use message templates for returning to work. 

These include daily health check-in surveys, CEO videos, compliance and wellbeing messages, PPE reminders and much more.

These templates use best practice design and compelling content to achieve high cut-through and get employee attention.

Template Library

Employee Communication Templates


Suzanne Pullinger

"SnapComms was a solution for us to make quick, easy, impactful comms that look good.

It's definitely changed the face of communications for us, because we now have the information we need to make better informed decisions."

Suzanne Pullinger

Media and Communications Advisor, Astron Energy

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